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Resound Hearing Aid Brand Multi Mic remote mic to help you hear in nosie

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ReSound Multi Mic

The ReSound Multi Mic Device, a hearing aid microphone, allows you to extend your listening range up to 80 feet.

The Resound remote Mic allows you to hear conversations without having to wear a device around your neck.  Place it on a level surface, like a table, and it automatically switches to a mode that allows you to hear multiple speakers.  The Resound’s Multi Mic sends the speech directly to your hearing aids. It is pretty amazing especially if you have a moderate or lower hearing loss.   If you want to hear one person, clip it onto the clothing of that person, and enjoy your conversation; even in background noise.  The signal of the person you want to hear goes directly to the hearing aids which are set for your hearing loss.  You really will hear it all.  Hopefully, it will be clear too.  These remote mics really help improve the signal over the noise floor.

This remote mic assisted listening device would be particularly helpful in restaurants, meetings, or lecture halls.  Ask the lecturer if he or she would be willing to wear the Resound multi remote mic on a lanyard or clipped to clothing. If you are in a meeting or another situation where you need to hear multiple people, place the Resound Multi remote mic horizontally on the table.  This automatically changes the hearing aid streaming mode of the mic to one where it will pick up the voices of multiple speakers from the remote mic.

Set up is easy.  Once it is charged, turn it on by pushing and holding onto the remote multi-mic Resound on the button.  One great feature is that you can pair it to one or multiple pairs of  ReSound wireless hearing aids.  There are volume control buttons on the side of the Resound Multi Mic, so you are in control of the sound level of your hearing aids if you are streaming or not.  To exit the Multi-Mic, just push and probably hold the program or toggle button on your hearing aids.  There should be an auditory signal that you have connected or disconnected.  You will automatically return to the most recent program set into your Resound hearing aids.

The multi-mic also allows you to connect to a hearing induction loop as it has a t-coil function.  It also has a mini-jack input which will let you stream audio from multiple devices (turning your hearing aids into headphones).  This is a great feature to plug into a computer for a Zoom call or some other telehealth meeting.  Now that many people are working from home, this is an awesome advantage of this assisted listening device for your Resound hearing aids.

To keep the ReSound Multi-Mic Device working at its best, clean it with a dry, clean cloth.  When not in use, turn the remote mic for Resound off and store it properly.  Like any other electronic device, keep it away from excessive moisture and heat.

Charging an empty rechargeable battery takes about three hours.  The first time it is charged, be sure to let it charge for at least three hours; even if the indicators says it is fully charged.  The Multi Mic Assisted Listening Device Remote Mic battery will work best once it has been drained and then fully charged two or three times. It can be left connected to power overnight; the battery cannot be overcharged.  Keep in its carrying case when not in use.  Comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty.

A funny story about one of our patients who had a remote mic.  While in the clinic after she got fit with her Resound hearing aids and was trying the Remote mic for the first time, she went into the bathroom.  Her husband and I stayed talking in the clinic and forgot to turn off the remote mic.  She came back into the clinic and said ..”I heard every word you both said” and then very worried she said, “Could you hear me?”  We laughed.   This lovely patient of ours loved her remote Resound mic.  For their religious meetings, her husband dropped the mic down on a string, hanging it from the ceiling and his wife never missed a word in those quiet meetings.

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