Key is the latest “essential category” hearing aid family from Danish hearing aid manufacturer ReSound.

In terms of core technology, Key can be considered a more budget-friendly version of Resounds LiNX Quattro. These are considered budget hearing aids and only come with one year of warranty.

The ReSound Key comes in both a rechargeable and battery-powered option. We only offer the top two tiers of Key technology as they allow for Bluetooth streaming. If you have any questions about this affordable option, please reach out to us.

This is a great option for you to see an audiologist without going to TruHearing or other third-party administrators like UHC Hearing alternative product with amazing pricing.  Very competitive.  The premium aid charges as well.   Support small and local businesses.  Keep your audiologist or hearing care provider in business.

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ReSound Key Hearing Aids

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Welcome To ReSound Key

Hear with confidence

Our hearing is vital for connecting us to the world and to one another. Enrich your senses again with life’s sounds – we have made your path to better hearing as easy as possible.

Introducing ReSound Key™, hearing aids designed to work comfortably and reliably with your own ears for truly great hearing. They give you the confidence and guidance to grow with your experiences and hear your best every day.

Communicate with confidence

ReSounds natural approach to sound

The inspiration for all ReSound hearing solutions comes from how we hear and interact naturally with the world around us. That is why all ReSound hearing aids are built on our unique Organic Hearing philosophy, which emulates the natural hearing experience as closely as possible.

True clarity

Fully join in conversations with the clear sound quality of ReSound Key. Knowing that you can talk and hear easily gives a welcome confidence boost.

Rechargeability is now essential

If you like the latest gadgets or struggle changing batteries, rechargeability is a modern must-have. Your rechargeable ReSound Key comes with an easy-to-use Desktop charger, perfect for your nightstand. You can also choose to upgrade to the Premium Charger, for portable, on-the-go charging.

Streaming great sound to your hearing aids

Hear calls, music, TV audio, podcasts, audiobooks, and your navigation app in your ReSound Key hearing aids, streamed directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or compatible Android smartphone.



Additional information

Weight 48 oz
45 Trial Period

45 Day Trial

App to Use

App to Use





How many

Pair, Single


Beige, Black, Dark Brown, Medium Blonde, Sterling Grey

Levels of technology

(3) Essential, (4) Essential Plus

Receiver Behind the Ear



Audio Streaming

Style of Hearing Aid


Battery Size

13, 312, Rechargeable

Hearing Aids

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These are prescriptive hearing aids that need to be set by a licensed professional.

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