Introducing the Sony CRE-E10, Sony’s breakthrough in hearing aid technology.
Developed in collaboration with WS Audiology, this innovative device is Sony’s first rechargeable and Bluetooth-compatible over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid.

Our online platform offers you easy accessibility, making OTC hearing aids more affordable and convenient for everyone. The Sony CRE-E10 is designed to be a hassle-free, “do-it-yourself” solution for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. As a result of our partnership with WS Audiology, a leading hearing aid company, we bring you a trusted brand that incorporates Signia hearing aid technology, renowned for its exceptional sound quality, into a comfortable and streamlined design.

Featuring a rechargeable battery, the Sony CRE-E10 allows for wireless charging, providing you with 18-26 hours of continuous use. Additionally, these OTC hearing aids offer Bluetooth connectivity, specifically compatible with iOS devices, such as Apple iPhones.

When you choose the CRE-E10 as your over-the-counter hearing aid from our online store, you can be confident in its reliability and effectiveness. It combines affordability, accessibility, and desirability, delivering compact and high-quality Signia hearing aid sound to enhance your hearing experience in various situations.

Below, you will find more information that Sony would like to share with you. Enjoy the benefits of improved hearing with the Sony CRE-E10 OTC hearing aid!

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Sony CRE-E10 Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids – Online

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Sony OTC Hearing Aids – Self-Fit and Easy to Use!

Explore the OTC Category: Embracing a New Era of Hearing Solutions Different from Professional Fit Hearing Aids

Sony CRE-E10 OTC Hearing Aid is designed for Everyday Comfort and Convenience.

Experience a new level of comfort and ease with the Sony OTC hearing aids earbuds, designed for everyday wear. Slip them in and enjoy a personalized hearing experience tailored just for you.

  • Personalize Your Hearing Experience
  • Take control with the Sony | Hearing control app1, allowing you to easily set up and personalize your hearing aids. Customize settings to suit your preferences and unique hearing needs, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Long-lasting Rechargeable Battery
  • Say goodbye to disposable batteries. The Sony OTC hearing aids feature a Qi-compatible rechargeable battery that offers up to an impressive 26 hours of continuous use. Need a quick boost? Enjoy up to 2.5 hours of functionality with just 15 minutes of charging2.
  • Seamless Bluetooth Compatibility (iOS only)
  • Connect your hearing aids to your iOS device via Bluetooth for seamless audio streaming and music listening pleasure. Immerse yourself in your favorite sounds with ease and convenience.
  • Effortless Control with the Sony | Hearing Control app
  • Take charge of your hearing experience through the intuitive Sony | Hearing control app1. Adjust volume, sound quality, and directionality to suit your preferences, all at your fingertips. Tailor the settings to meet your unique needs.
  • Prescription-grade Sound Quality
  • Experience exceptional sound quality that rivals traditional hearing aids. Sony’s advanced technology ensures that you enjoy clear, natural sound for enhanced hearing experiences.
  • FDA-Cleared for Your Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that the Sony OTC hearing aids are FDA-cleared medical devices. Trust in their safety and effectiveness as you rediscover the world of sound.

  1. Optimized Sound for Different Environments
  2. The integrated situation analyzer analyzes your surroundings and optimizes sound accordingly, enhancing your listening experiences in noisy environments. Enjoy improved clarity and reduced background noise.
  3. Enhanced Noise Reduction and Directionality
  4. The Ear-to-Ear Wireless Link technology allows the Sony OTC hearing aids to work together as a pair, delivering effective noise reduction and optimal hearing strategies. Immerse yourself in high-quality sound while reducing unwanted distractions.
  5. Comfortable Fit for All-Day Wear
  6. Designed with your comfort in mind, the soft ear tips come in four sizes to provide a comfortable fit that maximizes your wearing experience.
What’s Included:

– 2 OTC hearing aids (L&R)
– Charging Case
– 4 sizes of ear tips (devices are pre-fit with small ear tip)
– Care Tools (cleaning brush, cloth)
– User Guide, Safety, and Maintenance Information
– QR code for quick start and Sony | Hearing Control App Download
– Warranty Card

Return Policy and Warranty

For your peace of mind, there is a 45-day return policy for Sony OTC hearing aids purchased online, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Additionally, a 1-year warranty covers repairs (excluding loss and damages). Contact us or Sony for repair requests within the warranty period.  Important to note: Hears to U, Hearing & Hearables have the right to charge separately for services that differ from warranty


Additional information

Weight 34 oz

Self Fit

Smart Phone Needed

Smart Phone Needed


Audio Streaming

Power Supply


45 Trial Period

45 Day Trial

App to Use

App to Use





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