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Hears Hearing & Hearables: Enhancing Access and Affordability in Hearing Care

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we noticed that people preferred to buy things online rather than come into an audiology clinic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a noticeable increase in online purchases, including hearing care items. In response, we aimed to establish an online store with a membership model tailored for patients and providers. Initially, we explored the concept of a co-op, but legal advice indicated potential conflicts of interest if patients and providers were in the same membership pool, leading us to abandon the co-op idea. Nonetheless, we gained a valuable appreciation for the co-op community and continued to pursue a membership opportunity.

We recognize that we cannot independently influence Medicare to cover hearing aids. Our goal at Hears Hearing & Hearables is to expand our membership to amplify our collective voice. A larger membership base enhances our ability to negotiate better prices with manufacturers, counteract monopolies, and provide affordable hearing care products, especially to those in underserved areas with limited access to hearing health care.

We emphasize the importance of local providers in ensuring the proper fitting and maintenance of hearing aids. While we offer teleaudiology services for remote support, physical tasks like ear cleaning and precise fitting adjustments require local care. We encourage supporting local providers to receive the best possible hearing health care.

Hears Hearing & Hearables operates independently, free from venture capital or corporate shareholders. Our membership offers a platform for individuals interested in hearing health to learn about new technologies, access the latest research, engage in discussions, and buy or sell used technology. Members also enjoy discounts and rewards on various products.

Our product range includes essential hearing care items such as ear cleaning supplies, hearing aid accessories, and environmental sound alert devices. We offer a variety of brands and are committed to sourcing specific products upon request. Our inventory caters to diverse needs, including those requiring hearing protection or tinnitus management solutions.

Our hearing aids are priced separately and require professional service to be fit. We provide ongoing promotions and are dedicated to assisting our customers in any way possible. Membership is not required to shop, but joining offers significant discounts and supports our broader mission.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, promptly responding to inquiries and ensuring customers receive the correct products. We provide summaries of peer-reviewed research and share important information through videos and blogs, ensuring our products are safe, effective, and ethically marketed.

Membership is available in one-year or five-year plans, offering affordable options to help us collectively achieve better pricing and benefits. Members can also access a forum for buying and selling used products and sharing experiences.

We are currently expanding our network of providers, focusing on those who uphold our values of transparency, ethics, and best practices. Our professional network documents, outline these standards and offer incentives for providers who adhere to them.

Hears Hearing & Hearables strives to be an accessible, affordable, and transparent resource for hearing care. We welcome collaboration and support for our movement. For more information or to express interest in joining us, please contact us.

Thank you for reading, and happy hearing!

Hearing Health Care

Mission Statement:


To deliver the best audiological care available to include being an advocate for our customers, patients and clients. Help Customer to find local support in their community with a licensed provider that provides honest, transparent and ethical services.  Support all things for customers to serve and help those who need ear and hearing care.  To provide support to the overall mission of providing ear and hearing health care that offers choices, transparency and excellent customer service. 


All products on our Hearable website are sold with care and concern for what is the best out there for people who take care of their wellness, ears, and hearing. If you don’t see a product that you want that we don’t have, please let us know and we will share our thoughts on if that is a good product and if we can offer competitive pricing.

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