Signia Hearing Aid Inductive Charger II Lithium-ion with a Lid

The Signia Inductive Charger II works with all Signia Charge&Go X models and all other previous rechargeable models. This will not work with Signia AX models.

The Inductive Charger II comes with a charger lid to protect the hearing aids. A fast charging option, a drying function via inductive charging, and intuitive left and right LEDs for status information complete this next-generation charger.

The charger’s lid protects hearing aids while they are charging and makes it a smart carrying case.

This charger is compatible with the Signia Motion Charge&Go X, Pure Charge&Go X (including CROS), Pure Charge&Go Nx, and Motion Charge&Go Nx.

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Signia Inductive Hearing Aid Charger II

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More Information on the Signia Inductive Lithium-ion Charger

  • Since this is an inductive charger you do not have to worry about exact contact.
  • Place the hearing aid in the slot and they should be good to go.
  • A convenient three-light system lets you know how much charge the hearing aids have.


This type of inductive charger is also available with a smart drying case which you can check out here.

Additional information

Weight 24 oz

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Did you forget your hearing aid charger or is yours on the brink of not working? We carry different chargers for the lithium-ion hearing aid batteries.

Signia, Rexton, Phonak, Widex, ReSound, Starkey, and more hearing aid charger brands available!

Read more about the pros and cons of rechargeable hearing aids on our blog.

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