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Hearing Aid TV Streamers: One of Our Favorite Accessories for Hearing Aids

accessories for hearing aids and why tv streamers make the perfect accessory

Elevate Your TV Experience with Hearing Aid TV Streamers

When enjoying your favorite TV show or movie, do you often find yourself straining to hear and asking “what did that person just say”? Even with normal hearing, conversations and dialogue on the TV can be hard to make out. Luckily for those who do wear hearing aids, we have the perfect accessory and solution for you.

This is where a TV Streamer comes in and once you get one for your hearing aids there is no going back! These streamers are designed to wirelessly connect your hearing aids to your TV, allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear audio directly streamed to your ears. This means you can hear every word and sound from your favorite shows and movies without any interference or background noise

What is a Hearing Aid TV Streamer?

A hearing aid TV streamer is, in our opinion, one of the best accessories for hearing aids. Streamers wirelessly connect your hearing aids to your television, transmitting audio directly to your ears with exceptional clarity. This means you can enjoy your favorite programs without missing a single word, even in noisy environments.

How It Works

Setting up your TV Streamer and pairing it to your hearing aids is easy to do!

  • Prepare Your TV Streamer:
  1. Remove the plastic caps from each end of the TOSLINK cable.
  2. Insert the TOSLINK cable into the Audio OUT jack of your television. If your TV lacks a TOSLINK jack, use a 3.5mm to RCA cable.
  3. Plug the other end of the TOSLINK cable into the rear of the TV Streamer.
  4. Plug the power adapter into a wall socket to power the TV Streamer.
  5. Turn on the TV Streamer. A solid green LED indicates power.
  • Pair Your Hearing Aids with the Streamer:
  1. Power off any smart devices or accessories previously paired with your hearing aids.
  2. Press the pairing button on the TV Streamer to activate pairing mode (the LED will rapidly blink blue).
  3. Ensure the TV Streamer is powered on.
  4. Power off and then power on your hearing aids to activate pairing mode.
  5. Place your hearing aids within 6 inches of the TV Streamer.
  6. Wait for the LED to blink green for each hearing aid; a solid blue LED indicates successful pairing and streaming.

Accessories for Hearing Aids have Brand-Specific Compatibility

One important thing to note is that the type of hearing aid you wear determines the TV streamer you’ll need. If you wear a Signia hearing aid, then you will need the Signia Streamline TV. If you wear a Starkey hearing aid, then you will need a Starkey TV Streamer, and so on and so forth. These accessories are brand-specific, so it’s essential to match your hearing aids with the compatible streamer. If you’re unsure which streamer is compatible with your hearing aids, we can assist you in finding the right match

Benefits of Using a Hearing Aid TV Streamer

  • Clear Dialogue: Enjoy crystal-clear dialogue and sound effects directly streamed to your ears.
  • Immersive Experience: Enhance your TV-watching experience with personalized volume control and reduced background noise.
  • Easy Setup: Follow simple setup instructions to connect the TV Streamer to your TV and pair it with your hearing aids.

Special Offer: 10% Off Your TV Streamer

To make this upgrade even more enticing, we’re offering a 10% discount on TV Streamers this month. Elevate your TV enjoyment and also rediscover the pleasure of effortless listening.

Ready to enhance your TV experience with a hearing aid TV streamer? Contact us today to find the perfect match for your hearing aids and start enjoying clearer, more immersive entertainment at home. Let’s make your TV time truly enjoyable and accessible!

Starkey Hearing Aids TV Streamer

Starkey TV Streamer

Starkey Hearing Aid TV Streamer Accessory

Make watching TV enjoyable again — for you and everyone else in the room. This accessory for Starkey hearing aids is a tiny, deck-of-card-sized box that hooks up easily to your TV.
Members Pay: $310
Starkey TV Streamer
Unitron TV Streamer D for Unitron Moxi hearing aids

Unitron TV Connector

For People with Unitron Hearing Aids, this is a great piece to hear TV better.

The Unitron TV Connector accessory can automatically switch compatible hearing instruments to the TV program and allows users to watch their favourite shows and movies by wirelessly connecting the hearing instruments to the TV, laptop, tablet and other digital devices. It frees users from wearing a streamer and users instantly enjoy high-quality stereo sound, wirelessly.

Key benefits:

  • Easy plug and play setup
  • Provides high quality speech and music from any audio source
  • Environmental balance can be used to adjust the volume of the streamed signal or surrounding environmental sounds
Members Pay: $320
Unitron TV Connector
Phonak TV connector

Phonak TV Connector

The Phonak TV Connector is an easy-to-setup and easy-to-use device that can be used with Paradise, Marvel, and Audéo B-Direct hearing aids

Members Pay: $330
Phonak TV Connector
Older Siemens Signia TV transmitter to use with Easy tek Signia Hearing aids

Siemens Signia TV Transmitter

The Siemens Signia TV Transmitter connects hearing aids without Bluetooth functionality to TV's via the easyTek.
Siemens Signia TV Transmitter
Widex TV Play assisted device for Widex hearing aids

Widex TV Play

The TV Play accessory is great for connecting to a computer or TV so that you can hear your show or zoom call.

The quality of sound is amazing and you can even change the stream of the audio versus the surround sound.  Highly recommended!
Members Pay: $240
Widex TV Play
Rexton Smart Transmitter 2.4 for streaming TV and sound systems directly to your hearing aids

Rexton Smart Transmitter 2.4

The Rexton Smart Transmitter 2.4 is a Bluetooth transmitter for TV and audio systems

A versatile device that connects TVs and stereo systems with your hearing aids and streams the audio directly to your devices.
  • No separate remote control needed
  • Easy pairing and connecting. Once your hearing aids have paired with the transmitter they will stay paired. Turn on your TV, switch your hearing aids into their TV program, and you are ready to go!
With the Rexton Smart Transmitter 2.4, audio signals can be transferred from the television or stereo system directly to your hearing systems. No other additional device is needed and you can use multiple hearing systems with the transmitter. The transmitter transfers the audio signal via Bluetooth® to the hearing systems, which ensures crystal-clear sound. As a result, time spent enjoying television or music turns into a relaxed hearing experience. Compatible with Rexton hearing aids and if you are wondering if yours are compatible, just ask.  We are standing by to help.
Members Pay: $200
Rexton Smart Transmitter 2.4
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