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Signia Streamline Mic

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With Signia hearing aids and the Signia Streamline Mic, you can enjoy the 4-in-1 experience of this awesome hearing aid accessory:

  • Hands free phone calls, music, and more!
  • Turn your hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones
  • Remote microphone accessory for speech understanding and more in noisy environments

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Power Supply



Audio Streaming, Yes


The Signia StreamLine Mic transforms your Signia devices into more than state-of-the-art hearing aids. They also become a hands-free mobile headset and wireless headphones that stream premium stereo quality from any Bluetooth device – mobile phones, PCs, laptops, and smart assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

What’s in the Box:

  1. StreamLine Mic
  2. Lanyards (of different lengths)
  3. Bag
  4. USB charging cable
  5. USB power cable & plug


Currently, this Mic accessory is compatible with all Signia IX, AX, Signia Xperience, and Signia Nx hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity.



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Hearing Aid Accessory | Buy Online | Top Brands

Thanks to technological advances, hearing aid accessories are easier to find than ever. You can now buy the latest hearing aid accessories online from leading brands, enhancing your hearing experience with ease.

Importance of Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing accessories are essential for maintaining the optimal performance of your assistive listening devices. Regular use of cleaning tools like brushes and wax removal picks helps clear away debris that can impair your device's functionality.

Enhancing the Listening Experience

Hearing aid accessories significantly enhance the listening experience for individuals with hearing loss. Remote controls allow for easy adjustment of hearing aid settings, providing convenience and precise sound tuning for various environments. Bluetooth devices are wireless accessories that enable you to stream audio directly from TVs, phones, and music players, providing a seamless listening experience.

Increasing Comfort

Accessories play a crucial role in increasing comfort for individuals with hearing loss. Offering various ear tip sizes and styles ensures a better fit, minimizing discomfort from ill-fitting tips. Moisture-wicking sleeves reduce sweat and moisture buildup, while noise reduction filters control background noise, improving overall sound quality. Additionally, Bluetooth connections allow for direct audio streaming, enhancing both convenience and comfort. These accessories contribute significantly to providing a pleasant and comfortable hearing aid experience.

Essential Accessories for You

Discover a wide range of essential accessories designed to enhance your hearing aid experience. From batteries and chargers to cleaning kits and storage cases, find everything you need to keep your hearing aids in top condition. It's important to know which accessories work with your hearing devices, so speak with a hearing care provider first.

Hearing Aid Batteries and Chargers

Ensure your hearing aids are always ready with our durable batteries and easy charging options. Choose from a variety of battery sizes and types to match your specific hearing aid model. Batteries are crucial as they power your hearing aids. Always having the right size and type on hand ensures your device runs smoothly. Storage cases protect your hearing devices from damage and adverse weather conditions. They also keep them safe when not in use, with many cases featuring moisture removers to extend the life of your devices. Remote controls simplify the process of adjusting your settings, allowing you to hear better in various environments. Having these accessories, including cleaning tools, batteries, storage cases, and remote controls, is vital for keeping your aids in excellent working condition and enhancing their performance.

Cleaning and Maintenance Kits

Keep your personal sound boost products functioning at their best with our cleaning and maintenance kits. These kits include tools and solutions to remove earwax, moisture, and debris, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Earwax Guards and Filters

Protect your investment from earwax buildup with our earwax guards and filters. These small but crucial accessories help to maintain clear sound quality and prevent damage to your hearing aids.

Why Choose Our Hearing Aid Accessories? Quality and Compatibility

As a leading provider of hearing care services, we offer top-notch accessories compatible with various brands and models of hearing aids. Our carefully selected products are designed to enhance performance and extend the life of your devices. Shop online or contact one of our hearing professionals today.

Affordable Prices

Find the accessories you need at prices that fit your budget. From remote microphones to wax guards and more, we believe in making hearing aid maintenance affordable and accessible to everyone.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, our customer service team is ready to assist you with returns or exchanges. By improving readability and adding transition words, this revised description aims to provide a smoother and more engaging reading experience for your customers.

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