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Navigating the World of Hearing Aid Accessories for a Personalized Auditory Experience

Hearing Aid Accessories Information

Enhancing Your Hearing Experience: The Vital Role of Hearing Aid Accessories

Investing in hearing aids is a significant step toward reclaiming the richness of sound and improving the overall quality of life for individuals with hearing loss. However, the journey to optimal hearing doesn’t end with the purchase of hearing aids alone. This blog explores the often-overlooked but crucial aspect of hearing health – the importance of hearing aid accessories. These accessories not only complement your hearing aids but can also significantly enhance your satisfaction and enjoyment of the auditory world around you.

The Power of Hearing Aid Accessories to help you hear better:

While hearing aids are designed to amplify sound, accessories serve as invaluable additions that unlock new dimensions of functionality and convenience. Research consistently highlights the heightened satisfaction levels among individuals who embrace accessories for their hearing aids. These supplementary devices play a vital role in addressing specific challenges associated with hearing loss. Making them indispensable for a complete hearing solution.

How a TV Streamer can Transform TV-Watching Experience:

Meet Betty, a vibrant individual who, like many, values her relaxation time in front of the television. Betty, however, faces the common challenge of struggling to hear the soft nuances of speech in her favorite TV shows due to her hearing impairment. Determined to enhance her television-watching experience, Betty decides to invest in a TV streamer for her hearing aids.

With her new TV streamer in hand, Betty effortlessly connects it to her television. Creating a direct signal into her hearing aids. The transformation is immediate and remarkable. As she settles in to watch her favorite show, the once-missed details and subtle dialogues become crystal clear. The TV streamer serves as a bridge between the television and Betty’s hearing aids. Ensuring that she doesn’t miss a single word or sound.

Betty’s experience is not just about hearing better; it’s about reconnecting with the joy of entertainment. The TV streamer allows her to immerse herself fully in the storyline, catch every punchline, and savor the rich soundscapes that make her favorite shows truly enjoyable. No longer straining to understand the dialogue, Betty can relax and relish the experience. Confident that her TV streamer has opened up a world of auditory delight.

Whether it’s a suspenseful drama, a heartwarming sitcom, or a captivating documentary, Betty can now enjoy television on her terms. The TV streamer has become an indispensable companion, seamlessly integrating with her hearing aids to provide a direct, personalized audio experience. For Betty, the investment in this simple yet powerful accessory has made a world of difference. Proving that sometimes, it’s the little things that can bring the greatest joy and satisfaction.

A multitude of Hearing Aid Accessories just for you:

Betty’s success story with her TV streamer highlights the impactful role accessories play in personalized hearing solutions. Just as Betty discovered the enhanced clarity and joy of her TV experience, a variety of accessories cater to diverse needs. Beyond TV streamers, individuals with hearing aids can explore an array of options.  Each accessory serves a unique purpose. Empowering users to tailor their hearing aids to specific situations and enjoy a more enriched auditory lifestyle. Betty’s journey into the realm of accessories showcases the transformative potential these additions have in creating a seamless and satisfying hearing experience across various facets of daily life.  Here are a list of some hearing aid accessories that we recommend.

Notable Accessories:

1. TV Streamers and Remote Microphones:

TV streamers allow seamless connectivity between your hearing aids and your television, ensuring a clear and personalized audio experience.

Remote microphones enhance communication by capturing and transmitting speech directly to your hearing aids. Reducing background noise in challenging listening environments.

2. Amplified Phones and Direct Connectivity:

Amplified phones amplify incoming sounds, making phone conversations more accessible for individuals with hearing loss.

Phones with direct connectivity to certain hearing aid brands facilitate seamless integration. Allowing users to answer calls directly through their hearing aids.

3. Remote Controls and Clips:

Remote controls provide users with the ability to adjust settings and volume levels discreetly. Offering greater control over their hearing experience.

Clips secure hearing aids in place, preventing loss and providing peace of mind during various activities.

4. T-Coil Listening Devices for Loops:

T-coil technology allows users to connect with loop systems in public spaces. Such as theaters or lecture halls. Enhancing the listening experience in environments with installed hearing loop systems.

5. Backup Chargers:

A backup charger ensures that your hearing aids are always ready for use, whether you’re at home, traveling, or residing in a secondary location like a snowbird home.

Enhance Your Hearing

In the pursuit of optimal hearing, hearing aids and their accessories work hand in hand. While the initial investment in hearing aids is essential, incorporating accessories into your daily routine can significantly elevate your overall satisfaction and functionality. Whether it’s enjoying your favorite TV show, engaging in conversations on the phone, or attending public events, the right accessories can make a world of difference in your hearing experience. So, consider these enhancements as more than just add-ons. They are the key to unlocking the full potential of your hearing aids and, ultimately, your happiness.

Remember the movie with Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire when he told Renee Zellwegers’s character that she completes him?  We feel the same about some accessories completing your hearing wellness.  And if you haven’t seen this movie, it is a cute one.

Starkey StarLink 2.0 charger for genesis ai hearing aids

Starkey StarLink 2.0 Charger

The Starkey StarLink 2.0 Charger is an accessory for Starkey Genesis hearing aid. It is the upgraded standard charger for all Genesis AI hearing aids. Compatible with RIC, mRIC, and custom models. Just make sure you select the correct hearing aid to get the correct insert in the charger! When you order the Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids, the aids comes with this charger. This product is for the charger only and hence sold separately as a backup accessory charger.
Starting at
Starkey StarLink 2.0 Charger
resound tv streamer+ new tv streamer for resound nexia hearing aids

ReSound TV Streamer+

The new TV Streamer Accessory from ReSound for the Nexia hearing aids. Auracast ready!

A revolution in bluetooth technology. Read more about it here!
Members Pay: $235
ReSound TV Streamer+
Starkey Table Microphone for Starkey Livio Hearing AIds

Starkey Table Microphone

Starkey's Remote Microphone Accessory

The Starkey Table Microphone is a wonderful accessory for Starkey hearing aids. It is designed for group settings like meetings, family gatherings as well as noisy restaurant environments. Place the Starkey microphone accessory in the center of a table and it will utilize the eight built-in microphones to determine the primary speaker's voice and stream it directly to your hearing aids.
Members Pay: $530
Starkey Table Microphone

Starkey Remote Microphone +

Starkey Remote Microphone + Accessory

Enjoy one-on-one conversations in noisy environments and easily stream from a variety of audio sources. Compatible with Genesis AI, Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI, Livio AI and Livio hearing aids.
Members Pay: $360
Starkey Remote Microphone +
Unitron Remote Control 2

Unitron Remote Control 2

Customize listening

Perfect for patients who want more control over their listening experience, the Unitron Remote Control 2 lets them discreetly and easily adjust volume and switch programs.
Unitron Remote Control 2
Rexton Smart Key remote control for Rexton hearing aids

Rexton Smart Key Remote Control

Easy to Use Remote Control Accessory

A</span> great little remote control accessory for your Rexton hearing aids. Instead of using an app, try a remote instead for ease.
Members Pay: $120
Rexton Smart Key Remote Control
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