The new TV Streamer from ReSound for the Nexia hearing aids. Auracast ready! A revolution in bluetooth technology. Read more about it here!

The History of Bluetooth and the New Auracast

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ReSound TV Streamer+

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From ReSound:

Hear your best, especially when life gets noisy at home. The new ReSound TV-Streamer+*, supporting Bluetooth® Auracast™, streams high quality sound with speech clarity directly to your hearing aids at the volume you prefer. If there are multiple users with compatible hearing aids and smartphones in the room, enjoy sound together by each easily connecting to the TV-Streamer+. Bring harmony to family TV time.



  • ReSound Nexia Hearing Aids
  • Any device compatible with Auracast!

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Assisted listening device

Yes, Assisted listening device


Bluetooth, yes




Audio Streaming, Yes

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Get a middle piece for your TV to stream directly to your hearing aids. High quality, stereo sound directly to your ears!

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