ReSound Nexia Technology: Comparing the Nexia to its Predecessors

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Unveiling the Evolution of Resound Hearing Aid Technology: From Omnia to Nexia

Advancements in hearing aid technology occur at a remarkable pace, with innovations emerging seemingly at the blink of an eye. In earlier times, it was customary to anticipate substantial technological leaps in hearing aids approximately once every three years. Marking significant milestones in the industry. However, in the contemporary landscape, the introduction of new hearing aid technology has become a regular occurrence. Leading one to ponder whether each successive release truly represents a substantial enhancement or merely a modest update to existing capabilities.

With this ever-evolving soudscape in mind, it remains essential to discern and analyze the differentiating features between the previous generations and current.  In this blog we will be reviewing Resound hearing aids. Such as the Omnia and its predecessor, the One, to the latest pinnacle of innovation, the Nexia.

A Comparison of Features between Resound Omnia and Resound Nexia Technology:

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Many Resound hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth technology. Allowing you to connect them to your smartphone or other devices for streaming audio, making calls, and adjusting settings through a mobile app.

Older Bluetooth technology such as in the Omnia hearing technology, while groundbreaking in its time, has undergone a transformative evolution with the advent of Auracast Bluetooth. In the past, Bluetooth connectivity for hearing aids facilitated basic audio streaming and communication with compatible devices. However, with the introduction of Auracast Bluetooth, we have witnessed a remarkable shift towards a more immersive and dynamic hearing experience.

This cutting-edge technology in the Resound Nexia is “Auracast ready”. It will be able to offer not only seamless audio streaming from smartphones, televisions, and other devices but also introduces a new dimension of customization and control. Users can effortlessly adjust settings, sound profiles, and even engage in telehealth consultations through a dedicated app. Thus enhancing their hearing aid experience with unparalleled convenience and flexibility. In essence, Auracast Bluetooth represents a significant leap forward in the world of hearing aid connectivity. Elevating the possibilities for individuals with hearing impairments to stay connected and engaged in today’s digital landscape. This is a big deal.

Rechargeable Options in ReSound Nexia Technology:

Resound offers rechargeable hearing aids, eliminating the need for disposable batteries and providing a more convenient power source.

The evolution from the Omnia to the Nexia hearing aid models has brought about a notable continuity in the design and functionality of their rechargeable chargers. The primary alteration lies in the introduction of an overlay to accommodate varying charger sizes. It is noteworthy that both product lines continue to offer a selection of three distinct charger options. These include premium, standard, and desktop chargers.

It is essential to acknowledge that identifying the most suitable charger can pose a challenge, even for those well-versed in the technology. Yet we are equipped with specialized tools to guide you through this selection process.

Directional Microphones:

These help you focus on sounds coming from specific directions, making it easier to hear conversations in noisy environments.

With Resound’s latest technology, there have been no alterations in the directional microphone system. Affirming the company’s commitment to maintaining the same reliable and effective directional listening capabilities for users.

Noise Reduction and Speech Enhancement:

Advanced algorithms can reduce background noise and emphasize speech sounds to improve listening clarity.

In the transition from last year’s model to the current one of Resound Hearing aids, it’s important to note that there have been no discernible changes in the noise reduction technology. Indicating that the already effective noise management features have been carried forward to maintain consistent performance and user satisfaction.

Remote Adjustments:

You can make adjustments to your hearing aids remotely through a smartphone app. Allowing for fine-tuning without visiting your audiologist in person.

Resound’s smart app has proven to be an invaluable tool in tailoring the hearing aid experience to the user’s unique preferences across varying environments. Whether navigating a bustling and noisy setting or enjoying a quieter atmosphere, the app provides users with the flexibility to make real-time adjustments.

With the advent of the Nexia hearing aid, a notable enhancement comes in the form of the “Hear in Noise” program. Accessible through a simple swipe within the app. While the precise details of this new feature remain undisclosed, we eagerly anticipate the valuable insights our patients will provide regarding their experiences with the “Hear in Noise” program. This promising addition holds the potential to further elevate the overall listening and hearing experience. Offering users an even greater degree of control and personalization. Ultimately resulting in improved hearing and communication in challenging auditory environments.

Water and Dust Resistance:

Many models are designed to withstand exposure to water and dust to some extent, increasing their durability.

A waterproof hearing aid offers a range of significant benefits for individuals with hearing loss. Firstly, it provides enhanced durability and longevity, as it is designed to withstand exposure to water, moisture, and dust. This makes it an ideal choice for those leading active lifestyles or living in humid or rainy environments.

Waterproof hearing aids allow users to confidently engage in water-related activities such as swimming or showering, without the need to remove their hearing aids, ensuring they remain connected to their surroundings.

Moreover, these devices are less susceptible to damage from sweat or moisture, contributing to their reliability and consistent performance. Ultimately, a waterproof hearing aid empowers users to enjoy an improved quality of life by maintaining their hearing capabilities even in challenging conditions. Without the worry of damage due to water exposure.

The new Nexia is as waterproof as the Omnia and earlier models.  Resound has done a great job at keeping their aids dry.

Feedback Management:

Feedback suppression systems help eliminate the annoying whistling or squealing sounds that can occur with hearing aids.

Hearing aid feedback is a common issue that individuals with hearing aids may encounter. Feedback occurs when the amplified sound from the hearing aid escapes from the ear canal and is picked up by the device’s microphone. Leading to an unpleasant whistling or squealing sound. This not only can be discomforting but also interferes with the overall hearing experience.

Fortunately, hearing aid manufacturers have made significant strides in feedback management. Advanced feedback suppression systems are now integrated into many modern hearing aids. These employ intricate algorithms to detect and counteract feedback in real-time. Ensuring that users can enjoy clear and uninterrupted sound without the nuisance of feedback.

This ongoing development in feedback mitigation is a testament to the commitment of hearing aid manufacturers to provide a more comfortable and effective solution for individuals with hearing loss.

ReSound Nexia Technology Connectivity to Accessories:

Resound often offers a range of accessories like remote controls and TV streamers to enhance your hearing experience.

The introduction of the TV streamer in hearing aid technology has brought about a wonderful and transformative benefit for users. With the Resound Nexia, this experience has been taken to the next level. The Nexia hearing aids boast a new and powerful TV streamer. Harnessing the potential of Bluetooth Auracast technology to offer a significantly clearer and more accessible streaming method.

This technological innovation not only enhances the audio quality but also introduces the remarkable ability to share the streaming experience among multiple listeners. This feature, which allows several users to connect their hearing aids to the TV streamer simultaneously, is a game-changer in ensuring inclusivity and convenience during shared entertainment moments. The Nexia’s TV streamer represents a remarkable step forward in hearing aid technology. Redefining the way users engage with television and audio content.

Cros & Bicros: A First for ReSound Nexia Technology:

New in the Nexia hearing aid for those who have single-sided deafness.

A Bicros (bilateral microphone and contralateral routing of signals) or CROS (contralateral routing of offside signals) hearing aid system is designed to address hearing loss when one ear has a significant hearing impairment, and the other ear has normal or near-normal hearing. It works by picking up sounds from the impaired ear, processing them, and then transmitting the signals wirelessly to the better ear. This approach helps individuals with unilateral hearing loss to better perceive sounds from all directions. Enhancing their overall hearing experience and spatial awareness.

In a recent development, Resound has introduced a Bicros/CROS system in their new Nexia hearing aid. Allowing individuals with this specific type of hearing loss to benefit from Resound’s advanced technology and wireless connectivity. Thereby further improving their ability to hear and engage in conversations more effectively, even in challenging listening environments. This innovation represents a significant step forward in catering to the unique needs of those with asymmetrical hearing loss.

Size Matters for Stigma:

People like discreet hearing aids so that they don’t look old.

The popularity of compact and discreet hearing aids persists, with many individuals valuing their inconspicuous appearance while still benefiting from advanced hearing technology. In this context, the new Resound Micro Nexia hearing aid has gained considerable attention. It is reported to be 16% smaller than its predecessor, the Resound Mini Omnia.

This reduction in size not only enhances the hearing aid’s visual subtlety, making it nearly imperceptible when worn behind the ear, but also signifies Resound’s dedication to improving user comfort and aesthetics while maintaining exceptional sound quality and performance. The Resound Micro Nexia is a testament to the growing demand for unobtrusive yet highly effective hearing solutions in today’s dynamic world.


Nexia BTE hearing aids available in 8 color options, including one power variant.

  • All ReSound Nexia BTE hearing aids models feature rechargeable technology, eliminating the need for battery operation.
  •  Resound offers a variety of accessories compatible with Nexia hearing aids, ensuring seamless integration with existing products.
  • The standard BTE model can be fitted with a slim tube, providing a discreet and comfortable option for users.
  • The power BTE model accommodates a silver hook, catering to individual preferences and customization needs.
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These are the NEW ReSound M&RIE microphone filters. They now come in a grey packet similar to the wax guards. ReSound made a production change so these mic covers only work on the newer produced M&RIE receivers. Older receivers use the white covers that came on sticks in a small bag. This is very confusing, even for us! If you are unsure what cover you need, reach out to us with a picture of your receiver and we can help :)

The new ReSound Nexia hearing aids will come in three different styles, eight different colors, and three different technology levels.


  • Smaller than ever Rechargeable microRIE
  • Classic RIE 61 (size 312 battery)
  • Classic RIE 62 (size 13 battery & telecoil)


Technology Levels:

  • Premium (9)
  • Advanced (7)
  • Standard (5)
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The new TV Streamer Accessory from ReSound for the Nexia hearing aids. Auracast ready!

A revolution in bluetooth technology. Read more about it here!
Members Pay: $235

ReSound Desktop Charger for Nexia OMNIA, ONE, Quattro, and Key Hearing Aids

Make sure you order the correct charger for your hearing aid! This charger comes with different inserts but they all look the same, how confusing!
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These M&RIE receivers are ReSounds newest technology on the hearing aid market. Unlike a standard receiver that only contains a speaker that fits into your ear, this receiver contains both a speaker and a microphone. This microphone combines with the two other traditional microphones on the hearing aid itself to collect sound at the entrance of the ear and offer enriched sound woth more direction and depth. Size: The M&RIE receivers, like all ReSound receivers, come in 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. The 0 size is the shortest length while 4 is the longest. Power: The M&RIE receiver is its own power so there is no variation in power strength.
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