Signia and Rexton TV Streamers: Signia Streamline TV and Rexton Smart Transmitter 2.4

signia and rexton tv streamers Signia Streamline TV or Rexton Smart Transmitter 2.4 easy to use and stream to your hearing aids

Assisted Listening Devices—TV and Computer Streamers and Accessories – for Signia and Rexton Hearing aids

The Signia Streamline TV or Rexton Smart Transmitter 2.4: For Newer Signia and Rexton Hearing Aids

The Signia Streamline brings the TV directly to your Signia hearing aids with Dolby Digital quality. Never miss a moment of your favorite program or sporting event again!

How many times did others in the family tell you to turn down the TV? Now that you have your Signia Hearing aids, that shoe may be on the other foot. With the Streamline TV, the sound of your favorite program will stream directly into your hearing aids. Now, your family will ask you to turn UP the TV.

How to set up your new Signia and/or Rexton TV streamers:

Make sure you buy the correct TV streamer as the Rexton Smart Transmitter 2.4 does not work with Signia hearing aids and vice versa.

  1. Connect it to a power source and then to your TV.
  2. Open and close the battery doors on your hearing aids. Or place them in the charger and take them out if you have rechargeable batteries.
  3. Place them on top of the appropriate TV streamer that matches your brand of hearing aids.
  4. Wait 30 seconds. The power button will turn double blue and then green to show that the pairing was successful. Put the hearing aids in your ears and the streaming should be automatic. If not, go to your app or push a button on your remote control or hearing aid to tell it to go to the TV streamer program.

If another person in the house also has Signia or Rexton hearing aids, they can pair their hearing aids to the streamer too.

It works with other streaming technology offered by Signia and/or Rexton.  For instance, you can take a call and the streaming is automatically suspended as it favors phone calls. There is an LED display that will provide connection status information.

App or Not, an easy to use accessory!

You do not have to use an app with this device. However, the Signia or Rexton app will allow you to adjust the volume and start streaming.  As mentioned above, you may need a function button on your hearing aids to tell it to find the TV streamer.  Talk to your audiologist about how to connect.

The Streamline assisted device will work with any TV that has a TOSLINK output or Optical output on the TV dashboard. Cinch cable (RCA/analog – red and white cables), or a jack adapter. It is currently compatible with the newer Rexton M-Core and Bi-Core and Signia AX digital hearing aids. If you have any questions about whether your aids will work with the Streamline TV, we at Hears to U, Audiology, will be able to help answer any questions you may have.

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