Signia Streamline Mic and Rexton Smart Mic – Accessory for Signia/Rexton Hearing Aids (Remote Mic)

signia remote mic signia streamline mic and rexton smart mic

Signia Streamline Mic and Rexton Smart Mic

The Smart Mic is a remote multi-use device.  Hearing loss affects your life in ways many people do not understand.  This will allow you to live your life, hear the things you want and need to hear, and keep in touch with friends and family.  In these COVID-times, that connection is all-important

These Rexton or Signia Remote Mic Use Bluetooth:

  1. As a remote headset for smartphones. Sounds (music, calls, podcasts, etc) are streamed directly to your hearing aids through the mic.  Your voice is also picked up and transmitted to your phone since there is a mic on the remote mic!
  2. As a remote microphone. The voice of a specific speaker is sent directly to your hearing aids and works for up to 60 feet which is sometimes out of the range of your hearing aid mics so it can really improve your signal.
  3. As a remote control. When not streaming, it can serve as a discreet remote control for your hearing aids.

All of these functions are hands-free for ease of listening through your hearing aids for your specific hearing loss.  The opportunities are endless:  go for a walk or a bike ride and listen to your favorite music; clean the house and listen to your favorite podcasts without disturbing others.  Go to a play or service and be able to hear what is said, eliminating the background noise.  If you are using the Smart Mic as a remote microphone, ideally the featured speaker should wear the Smart Mic, as a lapel.  This removes all the noise between you and the speaker.  If that is not possible, place it on the top of the lectern or on top of a conference room table.  What is being said will stream directly into your Rexton or Signia hearing aids tailored just for  your hearing loss.  And again, it eliminates the background noise of people opening up candy wrappers, coughing, and chitter-chatter around you.

One of our patients can hardly function without it on the phone because his hearing loss is so severe.  His hearing loss is significant and even with his strong BTE hearing aids, he could not hear on the telephone very well.  Now, with the Smart Mic, he can have long and meaningful conversations with his grandchildren.  It is not hard to understand how much this means to him.  During this pandemic, this is his best way to communicate with his family.

Set Up

Once you receive the Rexton or Signia remote mic, you will need to charge it.  That typically takes about two hours in any USB port.  Then you will need to pair your hearing aids to the streamline remote mic, and then to your phone via Bluetooth. You are now ready to make or receive calls, and listen to music.  There is a status indicator at the top of the device that tells you what mode you are in by the color it is showing.  When the power indicator turns red, you have about 30 minutes of streaming time remaining.

The device comes with a lanyard, a carrying pouch, charging cords, and an instructional guide.  It came with a  comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer (except for the battery).  All covered parts received for warranty service will be repaired or replaced, without charge, to meet the specifications of the model.

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