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Rexton Reach Hearing Aids

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Additional Info

Three technology levels:

  • 40 – Standard
  • 60 – Advanced
  • 80 – Premium

Four Color Options:

  • Black
  • Sandy Brown
  • Dark Champagne
  • Rose Gold

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
45 Trial Period

45 Day Trial

App to Use

App Availble





Black, Rose Gold, Sandy Brown, Dark Champagne

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Non Self Fit

Levels of technology

40 – Standard, 60 – Advanced, 80 – Premium

Power Supply


Receiver Behind the Ear

receiver in the ear


Audio Streaming

Style of Hearing Aid


T Coil

Hearing Loop – T coil

How many

Pair, Single


Details on the new Rexton Reach Hearing Aids:

  • Multi-Voice Focus Technology

    • Scans the environment 1000 times per second
    • Uses 4 focus beams to adapt to changes in speaker positions and volumes
    • Rexton Reach Hearing Aids ensure all voices are heard clearly, even in group conversations
  • Smartphone Connectivity

    • Supports MFi and ASHA protocols for seamless connection with iPhones and Android smartphones
    • Enables effortless calls and media streaming
    • Future-proof with simple firmware updates for Bluetooth® LE Audio
  • Rexton Reach R-Li T Hearing Aid

    • Rechargeable receiver-in-canal design
    • Equipped with a telecoil
    • Direct audio streaming from iOS and Android smartphones
    • Up to 34 hours of battery runtime (5 hours of streaming)
    • 4-hour standard charge time or 30-minute fast charge
    • Available in 4 colors
    • ATEX certified
      • Verifies that it has been tested and approved to be intrinsically safe for use in potentially explosive environments.
      • It can be safely used in areas with flammable substances in the air such as paint and chemical manufacturing, petrol stations, and mills.

Our hearing aids are sold separately from the service. We are working on our network to find a provider near you. Providers charge separately for services. If you are in Minnesota you can see us.

Rexton branded hearing aids.
These are prescriptive hearing aids that need to be set by a licensed professional.

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