Widex TV-Play – Assisted Listening Device for Widex Hearing aids

Widex TV Play for Widex hearing aids

Category:  Assisted Listening Devices–TV and Computer Streamers and Accessories


For many, the realization that you should have your hearing checked was having your family tell you, repeatedly, to turn down the television.  So you had it checked, a hearing loss was diagnosed, and now you have your Widex hearing aids.  Now you can turn down that television. How?  This device will allow you to hear the television stream directly into your hearing aids.  In fact, since you will be able to hear directly, just maybe your family will have to tell you to turn the volume up.  That happens to many of our patients.  Once they get hearing better with their hearing aids and maybe adding a streamer which gives them that WOW, the family member reports not hearing the TV as they got use to it being louder too.  Now your loved one that you watch TV with will be asking you what was said.  The Widex TV play with hearing aids adjusts for your hearing loss and gets rid of all the background noise when you are streaming.

The Widex TV-play allows you to hear your TV directly into your Widex EVOKE hearing aids and soon the Moment Hearing aids coming March 2021.  No more missing some of the softer sounds, missing the crucial line, or your favorite scene because you stepped into the kitchen; you will hear it all.

If you have Widex Evoke hearing aids, enjoy watching your favorite movies, programs and finding new favorites, without disturbing others, or being disturbed at that crucial moment in the program.  If any of those situations describe you–this could be the accessory for you.

The Widex TV-play even allows you to decide how you want to enjoy your favorite program for sound level input.  Do you want to concentrate on the TV program or do you want to have a conversation as well?   This is because you can change your streaming mix for your mics or for the TV or whatever you are streaming.  With the TV-play you can change programs and control the volume via a special remote or via the app on your smartphone.  You can even change the volume on the TV-play and/or your Evoke aids independently, by using the app on your phone.  This allows you to find the perfect balance and hence mix, between the TV and any ongoing conversations.

The TV-play is easy to set up and will work with most digital and Smart TVs.  Easy-to-follow tutorials are on the company website and on YouTube.  Once the TV-play is connected to the TV, then sync it to your hearing aids.  The TV play itself can be placed next to the TV or it can be mounted to the back of your television with the bracket that is provided.

Your TV-play comes with the device, a micro USB cable, mounting bracket and double adhesive tape, optical (Toslink) cable, and an analog audio cable.  The Widex TV Play looks neat, like a triangle, and very techno-savvy.  The sound is amazing and in our words “Something to be wowed about” at Hears to U!

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