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Widex SoundConnect Dongle

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Widex SoundConnect USB Dongle

In today’s digital era, virtual meetings, Zoom reunions, and Netflix marathons are part of our daily lives. High-quality audio is no longer a luxury; it’s an expectation.

Surveys by Widex revealed that 84% of hearing aid users stream audio through their PCs. Meet this demand with Widex SoundConnect™, seamlessly blending top-notch sound with your digital activities.

Works with most all Widex Moment Hearing Aids that offer to stream!  This is a no-brainer must-have!

Additional information


**The SoundConnect only works with Widex Moment hearing aids**

The Exciting New Widex SoundConnect Dongle

How the Widex Dongle Works:

Widex SoundConnect, a USB dongle, effortlessly plugs into your computer, streaming audio directly to your Widex hearing aids. Acting as a bridge between your digital world and your hearing aids, it ensures unparalleled sound delivery from your computer to your ears.

SoundConnect Benefits:

Seamless Experience: Enjoy crystal-clear sound in conference calls or while watching blockbusters, making your digital interactions immersive and enjoyable.
Effortless Usability: Simply insert SoundConnect into your computer’s USB port for a plug-and-play experience—no complications, just simplicity.
Personalized for You:  Fine-tune your sound settings with the Widex Moment and Magnify apps, tailoring your online activities to sound exactly how you want them.

Getting Started:

  1. Insert the SoundConnect dongle into your computer’s USB port.
  2. Restart your hearing aids to initiate pairing.
  3. Hold down the SoundConnect button until you see a blue light flash.
  4. Ensure the hearing aids and SoundConnect are within 1.5 meters.
  5. A solid green light signals you’re all set.

Ready to elevate your auditory experience? Consult your local hearing care professional to explore the world of Widex SoundConnect.


  • Widex Moment sRIC & mRIC rechargeable hearing aids
  • Widex Moment sRIC & mRIC 312 hearing aids
  • Widex Moment SmartRic hearing aids
  • Widex Moment BTE Hearing aids

**Will not work with Widex Moment 10 hearing aids or Moment Custom hearing aids**

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We carry multiple brands. Call if you are not sure which one will work with your TV or hearing aid.


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