Unlocking Convenience: Widex Moment Remote Link Hearing Aid Remote Care

Widex Moment Sheer Remote Link

Can Widex’s Moment Hearing Aid Remote Care Help You at Home?

You’ve made your purchase of a pair of Widex Moment hearing aids, and you delight in the improved hearing you now enjoy.. However, you’re aware that follow-up care and attention will be necessary.
You might be wondering what you can achieve without the need to visit the office since you want a remote visit. These days, with technology at our fingertips, you might be surprised at what’s possible from your own computer. You are thinking do my Widex hearing aids support this type of remote appointment?

Widex Moment Remote Link Hearing Care:  These are all great questions.

Factors like the ongoing pandemic, harsh Minnesota winters, and transportation challenges, or living far away from any hearing clinic nearby make it increasingly appealing to handle as much as possible from the comfort of your living room. So, let’s explore the options available for remote care with Widex’s new technology, the Moment.

Steps to take to have a remote fitting:

First and foremost, you’ll need a smartphone – either an iPhone or an Android device – along with the Remote Link package. A small fee is associated with the remote link and the service. You can opt to purchase the Widex Remote link bundled with your hearing aids at Hears to U, Audiology, Hearing & Hearables or sold separately.  If you didn’t purchase them from the clinic you are going to you can ask if they offer Widex Moment remote hearing aid fitting.  At that point, you can buy the Remote link sold separately or bundled from that hearing clinic. 

Setting up in a brick-and-mortar clinic:

During a fitting or follow-up for your new Widex Moment hearing aids at Hears to U, Audiology, we’ll guide you through the process of registering the Remote Link, downloading the app, and pairing the app with the remote link to sync with your hearing aids. Once these steps are complete, you’ll be all set for your very first telehealth appointment! 

You can also set up a Widex Moment fitting remotely 

Simply call your clinic or Hears to U,  and let us know that you have a Widex Moment hearing aid.  We can set you up with a Remote Link.  If you live here in Minnesota we are happy to offer the service of programming and sending you the Link.  If you live somewhere other than Minnesota, we will send the link to your provider.  

The Hearing Health Professional will pair the Remote to your hearing chart.   The remote Link can then be mailed to you.  You will download the “remote Link” app of Widex’s and pair your Link with your Phone. You can always call for help.  The Link does not need to be paired to your phone.  The Link has a neck loop that is able to connect via a special connection. 

What to Expect at Your Remote Appointment

When the day of your telehealth appointment arrives, ensure that you fully charge and prepare your hearing aids, smartphone, and remote link. Keep your remote link around your neck for the duration of the appointment. Open the app, select “Join Meeting,” and patiently await our connection from Hears to U, or your hearing provider in your state other than Minnesota.

Once connected, you’ll be able to hear and see us on your screen. Audiologists or Hearing Instrument Dispensers will have the ability to add, delete, or make adjustments to your hearing aid programs, even fine-tuning frequencies as needed – just as if you were physically in our clinic in Hopkins, Minnesota.

After we’ve made all the necessary adjustments, please allow us to end the call to ensure that we save all changes. Then, you can simply close the app, stow away your remote Link, and relish in your improved soundscape. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

What’s particularly convenient about the Widex Remote Care telehealth program is that it allows us at Hears to U, Audiology to not only address possible feedback issues but also monitor changes in your hearing. Additionally, there’s a service tracker that can alert us if your hearing aid requires repair. In today’s digital age, technology can indeed be your friend, especially when it comes to your hearing care.

We delight in assisting you in setting up for remote care.

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