Widex Com-Dex, Bluetooth Assisted Listening Device for Hearing Aids

widex com dex device for blueooth streaming

Assisted Listening Devices –WIDEX Com-Dex

What is the Com-Dex?

You have been diagnosed with a hearing loss and now have Widex hearing aids.  Life is better.  You are hearing things you did not before.  Even though things are better, do you still miss things on the telephone or in noisy environments like a restaurant or on your boat in the middle of the lake?  The Widex Com-Dex may be just what you need.

HearstoU has a couple of patients that are NEVER without their Widex Com-Dex Device.  They both love the ability to be hands-free, are thrilled with the longevity of the product, and with the customer service and support they receive from Widex.  One in particular, I’ll call her Ann, has profound hearing loss.  Even with powerful hearing aids, she was having difficulty on the telephone.  Not anymore.  With the Com-Dex, she doesn’t miss a word.  Ted appreciates the easy care of the device.  Charge it, put it on and go.

Stream Whenever and Wherever

The Com-Dex allows for hands-free streaming from any bluetooth device; no matter where you are.  Hear more easily, even in a noisy restaurant.  You can control the volume discreetly using your app.  You can even connect the Widex Com-Dex Device to two different phones.  Do you have a personal cell phone and another for work.  Pair to them both.  Use one for calls and the other for music, if you like.

You can stream directly to your Widex hearing aids.  Hear clearly, even in background noise. You are in control of the microphone and hearing aids via the app.

There are so many things you can do with your hearing aids, all discreetly, with the Widex Com-Dex app.  You can adjust volume levels, change programs, chose the direction of the sound, stream for up to eight hours, and check on your battery status.  Download the Widex Com Dex App to any device, iPhone or Android. You can even use it on an Apple Watch!

How to Use the Widex Com-Dex Device

The Com-Dex is  simple to use. When it first arrives, you will need to charge it via any USB port.  Once the LED light is green it is fully charged.  The neck loop functions as the on/off switch. Pair the Com-Dex to a mobile phone via bluetooth.  You can make and receive phone calls via the Com-Dex.  There is a function button on the Com-Dex.  If you want to answer the phone or make a call, just press the button.  There is even a switch on the side that allows you to turn off background noise.  That can be a critical function when you want to hear every word of a telephone call.

For all of you with hearing loss and are wearing hearing aids:  Right now you probably need to use the speaker function on your phone to be able to make and hear a telephone call.  The Widex Com-Dex negates that need.  Once the device is paired to your hearing aids, which have been specifically programmed to address your hearing loss, the calls will stream directly into both hearing aids at the same time.

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