Unlocking the Power of the Widex Sound Assist: A Comprehensive Guide

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Widex Sound Assist: Your All-in-One Hearing Aid Companion

Widex, a prominent name in the world of hearing aids, has consistently strived to enhance the lives of those with hearing loss through innovative technologies and accessories. Over the years, they’ve introduced a variety of products designed to assist with listening in various situations. From TV and phone communication to background noise reduction, Widex has an accessory solution for everything. One of their popular devices, the Uni-Dex, significantly improved the listening experience but is sadly taken off the market.  Today, we delve into the latest offering from Widex, the Sound Assist. A versatile and feature-packed listening companion that’s sure to amaze you. Use our helpful Widex Sound Assist Guide to learn more about all the features it has to offer.

The All-in-One Sound Assist

The Widex Sound Assist is a remarkable three-in-one device that comes with a range of features that you might not even be aware of. It is an essential accessory for users of Widex hearing aids. Providing remote microphone capabilities, Bluetooth streaming, and a handy remote-control function, all in a single compact unit.

Pairing and Activation

Once you’ve successfully paired the Sound Assist with your Moment Sheer hearing aids, you’ll begin to discover its full potential. Pairing the Sound Assist to your hearing aids is a very simple steps.  To activate the remote microphone feature, all it takes is a quick push of the power button. Transforming this device into a remote mic.  Placing it near a sound source allows for direct streaming to your Moment hearing aids. It’s important to note that the Sound Assist is compatible with the Moment Sheer hearing aids.  It is not backward compatible and does not work with custom products at this time, Oct 2023.

Enhanced Hearing in Noise: Remote Microphone mode

One of the standout features of the Sound Assist is its ability to improve hearing in noisy environments. Imagine your partner wearing the microphone, and their speech is streamed directly to your hearing aids. Making it much easier to follow conversations in bustling surroundings.

Versatile Table Mic

In a noisy environment, you can lay the Sound Assist flat in microphone mode. Enabling it to pinpoint the direction of speech and stream it directly to your hearing aids. Further enhancing your hearing in challenging conditions.

Seamless Bluetooth Streaming

The Sound Assist can also function as a Bluetooth streamer. By putting the device into Bluetooth discovery mode and connecting it to your smartphone, you can easily stream audio from any Bluetooth source, such as your phone or tablet.

Convenient Remote Control

The Sound Assist offers remote control capabilities in both microphone and Bluetooth modes. Adjusting the volume, muting or unmuting, pausing music, and even skipping tracks that you don’t want to hear are all within your control. It’s an ideal solution for those who crave complete control over their listening experience.

Crystal-Clear Call Quality

According to feedback from our Widex representative, not only is it easy and sounds great to the user but the quality of calls on the other end while using the Sound Assist in Bluetooth mode is exceptional. The person the user is speaking to will experience improved clarity when using Sound Assist as your microphone.

Battery Considerations

As shared by the patient, it’s essential to use the correct charger plug wall adapter for the Sound Assist to avoid charging problems and maximize battery life. This is an important point to pass along to new Sound Assist users.  The correct charger obviously comes with the unit but in case you forget your charging cord at home, take care to only use the correct power plug (5.0 V).  Because this is so confusing to so many, we are going to get some information out to you on the voltage to use not only for your accessories but also for your chargers and phones.

Exploration and Consultation

The Widex Sound Assist is a powerful tool for enhancing your hearing in various scenarios. To make the most of this device, we encourage you to work closely with your audiologist to understand its features and functionalities. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to explore the Sound Assist on your own, as you might stumble upon unique ways to improve your hearing experience.

We extend our gratitude to our long-time patient who generously shared their insights on the Sound Assist, as their experiences have illuminated the many advantages of this remarkable device.

Here’s to better hearing and improved quality of life. Cheers!

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