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The PerfectClean Dehumidifier – To Clean Your hearing aids


Why a dehumidifier to clean for your hearing aids?

The purpose of this cleaning de-humidifier is to clean any hearing aid to remove wax and any other impurities out of your hearing aid.  The de-humidifier for your hearing aid It will then dry them, and finally disinfect the aids by using UV-C light.  The cleaning features of the Perfect de-humidifier helps during these strange Covid-19 days when we need to keep everything clean.

What happens to the ear wax in your hearing aid?

Ear wax in your hearing aid or the tips of the receivers will prevent them from performing at their best.  We all know that moisture and electronics do not mix well at all.  So being able to clean and dry your aids will help them to help you hear at your best.  The ability to disinfect them, especially during these times of Covid-19, is an added benefit and comfort.

The PerfectClean dehumidifier uses an anti-bacterial solution inside the case.

Keep the dehumidifier for the hearing aids on a flat surface.  When you use the dehumidifier for your hearing aids for the first time, you will need to load the chamber with the solution from the cartridge.  Indicator lights on the outside of the dehumidifier will tell you when more solution is needed to help clean your hearing aids.  To use, open the dehumidifier unit’s compartment.  This can be used with any type of hearing aid.  Place the tips of the hearing aid in the holes of the dehumidifier.  If your hearing aids use batteries, open the battery doors so as to turn off the hearing aid and save the battery.  Close the compartment door of the dehumidifier and press the button to start the dehumidifier cycle.  The entire hearing aid cleaning cycle is about 90 minutes.  That is amazingly fast for a cleaning system for your personal hearing aids. You can do it while you sleep or while you meditate.

The dehumidifier is clean looking itself.

The Perfect dehumidifier is white and not too large.  It looks like a technology that is clean and easy.  You need to store it somewhere dry and not near the moisture itself.  You would never store it in the refrigerator or freezer.  Don’t store it in a moist bathroom or outdoors.  Store the dehumidifier in your room and enjoy a clean hearing aid in the morning when you wake up!

The unit comes with a USB cable, an adapter,  and a user manual.  Each cleaning solution cartridge lasts about 45 cleaning sycles.  There is also a filter that will need to be rinsed or cleaned periodically

Help remove moisture with this small dehumidifier with UVC option

PerfectDry Lux Dehumidifier

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PerfectDry Lux Dehumidifier

PerfectClean: Dry and Clean System

PerfectClean: Dry and Clean System
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