ThinkLabs One Digital Stethoscope, Assisted Listening Device with or without hearing aids, recommended from an Audiologist

Do not miss a beat

Do you have trouble hearing on a Stethoscope because you have hearing loss?

The One Stethoscope is the smallest, most powerful stethoscope we know of especially if you have any difficulty hearing or have hearing loss.

The stethoscope fits in the palm of your hand, eliminates the hollow tubing, and amplifies over 100 times the original sound so you can hear better again especially if you have hearing loss.  You can even adjust the range of frequencies by applying pressure from your hand to the diaphragm (more pressure will increase the frequencies hears). The volume can also be adjusted.  It uses a lithium-ion battery, so no need to replace batteries.

We live in a technologically advanced society and those advances are increasing apace.  We also live in a world where the number of people suffering from cardiovascular disease is increasing.  Imagine being able to record and replay this information to your doctor.  And this particular Thinklabs Stethoscope is equipped to help those with hearing loss.

With the stethoscope app, you can record and visualize heart sounds on your iPhone or iPad.  You can even email those sounds and images along with notes. With the iMurmur app, you have in your hands a reference library of heart sounds.  Each includes a description of the sounds, where to listen, pathophysiology, and associated pathology.  This is ideal for students, teachers, and those needing a quick refresher.

For those medical professionals with hearing loss that wears hearing aids, the ThinkLabs One Stethoscope allows you to create a custom solution for listening that meets your hearing aid needs.  It can even be connected directly to your hearing aids streamers, t coil or some other proprietary method to a hearing aid.

Although t-coil in hearing aids is not new, it still is a reliable technology that applies to new gadgets and technology.  If you have t-coils in your hearing aid, then all you need is a t coil neck loop to connect to the One stethoscope, put your aids in T coil mode, and off you go, hearing the beats you want to hear.

An example of a proprietary connection would be that of the Widex brand hearing aid.   If you had or purchased a Uni-Dex device into the stethoscope, the beats would appear in your aids.  This is because the Uni-dex has a 3.5 mm jack with the 4 rings in the jack.  The heart, lung, or bowels sound will be amplified directly to your hearing aids-automatically.  And it sounds great!

It can also be used with your favorite headphones (earbuds, on-ear, or over-ear) via the standard 3.5mm jack.  Add a headphone with an amplifier for your hearing loss needs and better yet, nice and clear.  It is best to use headphones that offer a strong bass (Beats Executive or Bose SoundTrue for example) which is needed to hear heart and lung sounds.  Oten time with hearing loss you can hear the low frequencies and the high frequencies are lost for hearing loss.  In either case, this assisted listening device for your hearing need can satisfy your hearing loss audiogram.

While the price makes this a thoughtful purchase, there is so much more to this digital stethoscope than the iconic tubing-style that has been in use for decades.  Each comes with the digital stethoscope, in-ear headphones, connection cables for the stethoscope and iMurmur apps, USB charger, ear tips and a carrying case.

We highly recommend this Stethoscope for your hearing needs especially if you have hearing loss and or a hearing aid.  Don’t miss a beat!

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