The Williams Sound Neckloop Telecoil Coupler is designed to magnetically couple the audio output from a Williams Sound unit into a hearing aid equipped with a T-Coil.

It will also work with any audio device which has a 8-16 Ohm audio output through a 3.5mm jack. The neck loop works only with hearing aids equipped with a T-Coil. The NKL 001-S is designed to work with products that have stereo jacks.

Using the Neckloop
1. Place the neckloop over your head and around your neck as in the picture above.
2. Slide the cord lock upwards to a comfortable position. This helps keep the
neckloop in optimal position for coupling with your hearing aid.
3. Plug the neckloop into the earphone or headphone jack on the Williams Sound
unit. Turn the unit on and set the volume control to 3, or about half of full volume.
4. Turn the switch on your hearing aid to the T position and adjust the volume for
comfortable listening.
5. If the sound is weak, increase the volume on the Williams Sound unit, then on your
hearing aid.


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Williams Sound Neckloop Telecoil Coupler

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Telecoil Neckloop by Williams Sound

How the Neckloop Works
The Williams Sound neckloop telecoil coupler is a miniature audio induction loop worn around a user’s neck. It
uses invisible magnetic energy to transfer the electrical signal from a sound source
(Pocketalker, FM Receiver, etc.) directly into a hearing aid equipped with a T-coil.
When the audio signal from an earphone or headphone jack is fed into the neckloop,
a magnetic field is created around the neckloop wire and user’s head. As the audio
signal varies, the magnetic field also varies. The varying magnetic field induces a
small electrical current in the hearing aid T-coil corresponding to the original audio
signal. The T-coil’s signal is then amplified and converted to sound by the hearing aid.

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