Williams Sound Pocket Talker 2.0

Assisted Listening Device-Personal Sound Amplifier

Williams Sound Pocket Talker 2.0

Do you or a loved one have trouble hearing in some situations? Have you talked about hearing aids, but they are just not ready? This could be a bridge system; something to use until he or she is ready for hearing aids. Perhaps, you think hearing aids may be appropriate but other health issues make them impractical (dementia, a stroke or other disability). Maybe you work in a doctor’s office and you want to be sure your patients are truly hearing your instructions. The Williams Sound pocket talker 2.0 could help.

The pocket talker is not a hearing aid.

It is a personal sound amplifier. While it can be adjusted somewhat, it cannot be fine-tuned to a person’s hearing loss. That is not its job. This is used to amplify specific sounds. Hear what you need to hear by reducing background noise. This system is best used for one-on-one or small group conversations. The microphone works best within six feet. It comes with a 12-foot extension cord so the omnidirectional external microphone can be attached at the end of the cord for use in larger group meetings. You can also put it next to the speakers on your television and hear well without increasing the TV volume to levels that would be uncomfortable to the rest of the house.

The pocket talker is light and sleek and has a number of features. There is an on/off switch with five volume levels. There is also a tone wheel. If you move it toward the minus sign, the bass or lower frequencies will be increased. If you move it toward the plus sign the treble or high-frequency sounds will be increased. This gives you some measure of control.

Another great feature in the Pocket Talker 2.0 is the external T-coil button for those who don’t have hearing aids, or those whose aids do not have the t-coil feature and need it for an induction loop. Turn this on when you are in any looped environment.  Don’t know what the Hearing loop is, then turn to another one of our blogs to read about this exciting older technology that helps you hear in larger venues.

There is a balance control inside the battery compartment. This allows you to send the amplification to one side more than the other; in case your hearing loss is only on one side or is worse on one side compared to the other. We love this feature.

There is also a battery compartment. Your pocket talker comes with two alkaline batteries, which will last about 100 hours. You can also use rechargeable batteries. Make sure that the battery switch is set to the proper position for the type of battery you are using. Please refer to the instruction manual that comes with your pocket talker.

If you have questions, we at Hears to U Audiology can help you set it up. It also comes with a five-year warranty.  We highly recommend this product for those who want an affordable amplifier.  Lots of our patients love it.

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