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Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX

IQbud2 Max

What is a Hearable?

A Bluetooth streaming device or “hearable” or electronic earbud, or whatever you want to call these pieces that fit in your ears like the airpod, offers many of the same features but more features.   The hearables are a bit more comfortable without the cords and have many more features than a traditional Bluetooth streamer.  There are many types of these electronic Bluetooth streaming “earbuds” in the market place and Hears to U, Audiology is ready to help you decide which best meets your hearing and general listening needs.  Some offer Bluetooth streaming, while others offer that plus noise cancellation, some offer a mic so you can talk on the phone easily and the newest on the market offers the ability to change the sound if you are wearing it in a noisy environment and want to hear people talking.  This is the Hearable, the one that can do all that the airpod does and much much more for less money.


The Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX, is a hearable and is new to the market.

The Nuheara IQbuds2 Max has been totally revamped from the previous versions and has a number of features that we love at Hears to U, Audiology.  Let’s take a look at the most popular features that address the reasons many are looking for earbuds in the first place.

One reason we like the Nuheara Max is the noise cancellation benefit.  With these, you can block ambient noise.  It offers a new active cancellation feature that looks actively for noise in the environment and puts out a reverse type phase signal to decrease the noise.   Another reason these are awesome compared to some other earbuds is the speech enhancement features on the Nuheara earbud Max called the SINC (speech in noise control) feature.  This feature helps you hear speech better in background noise, boosting the speech above the noise for easy listening.  We love that there is a directional focus that will allow you to focus in a conversation, even in noisy background situations, hearing so much better.  All of these features will benefit you so that you will hear so much better in a noisy restaurant or venue playing music or too much noise.  These allow you to balance the conversation to be louder and more clear and turn the background down.  The Nuheara IQBud2 Max earbuds will then remember the levels you prefer for next time you are in a complicated noisy environment and you want to hear well!

When you get the pair:

After you order a pair and open up the box, you will be prompted by your phone to take a little hearing screening test.  You also can add a good diagnostic test you may have from an audiologist.  Note, we do not recommend these hearable earbuds for anyone who has more than a mild hearing loss because there won’t be enough benefit for you.   Once you completed adding the hearing information into the phone app, the hearable earbuds will offer a prescribed output of the amplification that is personalized to you.  This is not the same as a hearing aid but has some amplification to help you hear better without offering you too much or too little in noise.  It also offers several preset settings for various environments including plane, street, and driving environments.

You can exercise with them and stream music from a Bluetooth piece.

If you are going to exercise, the Nuheara Max hearable earbuds are sweatproof and waterproof.  There is an easy feature that allows you to tap touch control to blend your hearing so that you have noise cancellation features but can still hear environmental sounds so you are aware of your surroundings while streaming music or something else via Bluetooth.  Hear what is streaming from your phone, whether it be music, podcast or a nice phone conversation with a loved one.  Cancel the world as you exercise at home, but blend the surround sound when jogging on the street, blend the surround sound with the streaming differently if you need to hear your instruction while at the gym.  There are so many options for the Nuheara IQBud2 Max Earbuds.  These little powerful hearable earbuds allow you to “remember” up to seven preset exercise locations.  Makes your life easy with one push on your app.

Many people use the Nuheara IQbud2 Max at work.

This ability to blend sound is particularly important at work; whether you are in an office or working from home.  The ability to focus on the task at hand is critical but you do not always want to block out the world entirely.  The hearable Nuheara Max earbuds have three microphones that process the sounds inside and outside the ear to reduce distracting noise. The speech (SINC) feature allows you to turn down workplace noise but will blend environmental sounds so you are not completely isolated from your co-workers.  Plus no one can hear what you are listening to if you happen to want to catch the latest news, or hear your favorite song.

The IQbuds2 Max comes with the Hearable earbuds, multiple tips, a USB charging cable, and a rechargeable charged case.

The earbuds charge fast and so in about 90 minutes you can “stream” for about 5 hours.  The case itself will also re-charge the buds as the case holds charge too.  So if you listen for an hour and want more time later, just put the Nuheara hearable Max earbuds in the case and close the lid. It is that easy. Indicator lights will let you know the charging status of the buds.  The case itself will allow you to recharge the buds three times, so you can have up to 20 hours of continuous streaming.  And the multiple tips are there so you can find the comfy fit for your ears.  Everybody’s ears are different sizes.  Some very tall and larger men have tiny ear canals.  Have you ever wondered why the standard tip doesn’t fit your ear?  Ask an audiologist about your canal size so you can find the right tip.  And luckily Nuheara offers many sizes with your order.

It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee from Nuheara and a 1-yr limited warranty.

We are proud to be working with Nuheara and their fabulous new hearable earbud product.  Three cheers for that!

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