The Signia Pure Charge&Go AX Hearing Aid Portable Charger is the upgraded version of the Charge&Go charger for the Signia X hearing aids.

This charger carries a charge and closes for ease of portability.

This portable charger is easy to use and we love that it carries a charge too so you can charge up your aids when you are out and about!

Comes with a charging C cabel. Once the charger is fully charged it will fully charge your hearing aids two more times, without having to be plugged in again!

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Signia Pure Charge&Go AX Portable Hearing Aid Charger

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More information on the Pure Charge & Go Hearing Aid AX Charger

This sophisticated Signia AX Portable Charger for Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids offers comfort and charging on the go.

Its power bank allows for 3 full charges of a pair of hearing aids. A lid protects the hearing aids and prevents dust from accumulating in the charger. 2 LEDs indicate the charging status (one per hearing aid) and one for the integrated power bank. Wearers can also choose a Dry&Clean charger that not only charges the hearing aids but also offers UVC cleaning and drying technology to keep the hearing aids in peak condition.


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Weight 20 oz

Rexton, Signia

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