Signia Active Pro

The Signia Active Pro

How do you convince someone you think has a hearing loss, but has decided not to get hearing aids, to find something so that he or she can hear better? You don’t want them to get a product that just makes all sounds louder; that could actually damage the hearing they still have. This may be the product for you.

The Signia Active Pro.

These look like premium consumer earbuds, but they are actually hearing aids utilizing Signia’s technology. They are best for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss and will require seeing an audiologist. Once the hearing test is done, these buds can be set to your specific hearing needs. We at Hears to U Audiology will also help you find the best tips for comfortable wear, and maybe even help you choose a color.

These Signia Active Pro earbuds have a number of interesting features. You can connect them to your smartphone via bluetooth. This will allow you to stream music, podcasts, moves, and even take telephone calls. Once you have access to the Signia app, it will guide you through the features of your new earbuds and help you get the best sound for every situation. The Signia Assistant within the Signia app is actually an AI digital assistant that will help you adapt your hearing by learning your preferences. It can even provide information and suggest videos to help you learn more about your new purchase. Through the TeleCare option, we at Hears to U Audiology can even remotely fine tune the settings on the hearing aids; no need to come into the office.

The Signia Active Pro earbuds are rechargeable. They will come with a carrying case that is also a recharging station that can recharge via a USB cable or wirelessly. The case takes about 3 hours to fully charge via USB and about 5 hours via Qi wireless. The earbuds take about 4 hours to charge which gives you about 26 hours of listening or 23 hours of listening and 5 hours of streaming. If you don’t have that much time, a fast charge of 30 minutes will allow you to listen for 5 hours with 3 hours of streaming. The case will recharge the earbuds three times.

This also means you have access to Signia’s line of accessories, like the StreamLine TV (stream the TV directly to the Active Pros), the StreamLine Mic (functions as a remote microphone to help in challenging situations, like a noisy business meeting), the miniRemote (allows to increase, or decrease the volume setting of your aids and change programs).

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