The Signia Silk aids are designed to be discreet and virtually undetectable when worn. These hearing aids are specifically crafted to minimize their visibility and blend seamlessly with your natural appearance.

Invisible hearing aids are typically small and sit deep inside the ear canal, making them virtually invisible to others. They are custom-made to fit the unique shape and contours of your ear canal, ensuring a snug and secure fit. The design takes into consideration not only aesthetics but also the practicality of everyday use.

By wearing an invisible hearing aid, you can enjoy the benefits of improved hearing while maintaining your confidence and self-esteem. These discreet devices allow you to engage in social interactions, conversations, and various activities without drawing unnecessary attention to your hearing loss or the assistive device you wear.

Invisible hearing aids have advanced significantly in recent years, incorporating cutting-edge technologies that provide excellent sound quality and customizable settings. Many models offer wireless connectivity to smartphones and other devices, allowing you to stream audio directly to your hearing aids for a seamless listening experience.

Choosing an invisible hearing aid means embracing a hearing solution that prioritizes your comfort, style, and overall well-being. It enables you to navigate the world with greater confidence, participating fully in conversations, enjoying music and other sounds, and experiencing life to the fullest while maintaining your hearing health.

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Signia Silk X ITE (In-the-Ear) Hearing Aids

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Introducing Silk X: Unmatched Discretion and Comfort in the World of Signia Hearing Aids

Experience the confidence of wearing virtually invisible hearing aids with Silk X, one of the smallest devices in the industry. Designed to blend seamlessly with your natural appearance, these discreet marvels remain hidden from view while providing exceptional sound quality.

Comfort Redefined with Click Sleeves

Signia Silk X features revolutionary soft-silicone Click Sleeves that offer unparalleled adaptability and comfort. With a simple click onto the hearing aids, these sleeves provide a secure fit and a level of comfort previously only achievable with custom-built housings. Available in four sizes and suitable for a variety of ear anatomies and hearing needs. The Signia Silk X eliminates the wait typically associated with other in-the-ear devices.

Enjoy Crystal-Clear Phone Calls and Music

Unlike traditional behind-the-ear hearing aids, Silk X utilizes microphones positioned inside the ear canal. This innovative design allows for superior phone call clarity and music enjoyment, just as you are accustomed to, even while wearing over-ear headphones. With Silk X, your hearing loss remains hidden, making it the ultimate ready-to-wear hearing solution.

Embrace the freedom of effortless communication and entertainment while maintaining your hearing health discreetly. Silk X combines unrivaled discretion, remarkable comfort, and exceptional performance to deliver an invisible hearing experience tailored to your unique needs.


Here is a great blog on Signia hearing aids.

NanoTune: The Incredibly Tiny Signia Silk X Hearing Aid.

The Signia Silk X hearing aids combine performance, convenience, and comfort, featuring advanced technology. Designed for discretion and ease of use, the Silk X offers several notable features:

1. Instant Fit: The Silk X hearing aids is designed to provide an instant and hassle-free fit. It features silicone Click Sleeves in various sizes, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit without the need for custom impressions.

2. Ultra-Discreet Design: The Signia Silk X hearing aids are one of the smallest hearing aids available, designed to sit completely in the ear canal. When worn, its compact size makes it virtually invisible, ensuring a discreet and natural appearance.

3. Speech Clarity: Powered by Signia’s advanced Xperience platform, the Silk X hearing devices utilize sophisticated signal processing algorithms to enhance speech clarity. It helps users understand conversations more easily, even in challenging listening environments with background noise.


Check out more information via the Signia Silk X Informational Leaflet

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Weight 36 oz
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45 Day Trial

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Pair, Single





Levels of technology

3X, 5X, 7X

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