ReSound Custom Hearing Aids are a custom-fit in-ear hearing aid that offers rechargeability and Bluetooth streaming for iPhone and Android. These ITE hearing aids resemble a modern set of true wireless earbuds. Yet they offer a full suite of advanced hearing aid technologies.

Customs By Resound Styles 1200x675

Customs by ReSound styles include (clockwise from top-left) Completely-in-Canal (CIC), In-the-Canal (ITC), In-the-Ear (ITE) full-shell, and ITE half shell. Note that CIC option does not offer recharging/streaming.


Like the other ReSound OMNIA hearing aids, these come in three different technology levels, 5 (Standard), 7 (Advanced), and 9 (Premium). As well as a collection of different colors to best match your personality and skin color.

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ReSound OMNIA Custom Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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Whatever you think about custom hearing aids, think again.

ReSound Custom Hearing Aids use ReSound’s most advanced hearing technology comes carefully crafted in a rechargeable earbud design, custom made by you and ReSound.

Custom crafting improvements for a better first fit

  • With the optimized custom crafting process, the ReSound Custom Hearing Aids shell design is validated prior to 3D printing by simulating the design in the ear at the GN manufacturing site.
  • This helps with the horizontal alignment of the dual microphones for better hearing in noise.

ReSound Custom Hearing Aids are Weatherproof and Sweatproof

  • Enjoy continuous use with these IP68-certified custom hearing aids for active lifestyles. Nano coating inside and out ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

The world’s first customized charger

  • The portable custom charger has specially created inserts that match your custom hearing aids to ensure intuitive and efficient inductive charging.
 Recharge icon One charge for up to
24 hours
of power

Take calls and listen to music

  • Stream on demand from iPhone and iPad or Android smartphones directly to your ears.

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
45 Trial Period

45 Day Trial

App to Use

App to Use



Custom Made

Custom Made

How many

Pair, Single



Levels of technology

(5) Standard, (7) Advanced, (9) Premium


Audio Streaming

Power Supply



Beige, Brown, Dark Brown, Anthracite, Light Beige, Medium Brown

Our hearing aids are sold separately from the service. We are working on our network to find a provider near you. Providers charge separately for services. If you are in Minnesota you can see us.

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These are prescriptive hearing aids that need to be set by a licensed professional.

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