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Signia and Rexton Hearing Aid Smart Lithium-ion Dryer

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If you have moisture issues, get a dryer just for your lithium-ion inductive Rexton or Signia hearing aid charger.



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Weight 14 oz

Rexton, Signia


Sold separately from the charger.

This dryer is small-sized, clean, and sharp-looking.  Fits the Signa and Rexton lithium-ion charger perfectly.

Let your aids dry and UV clean while sleeping.

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Signia and Rexton hearing aids for hearing loss

Signia/Rexton Lithium-ion Inductive Charger

Get your backup Signia or Rexton inductive charger for hearing aids here! An easy to use charger for older models of Signa and Rexton rechargeable hearing aids.
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Audiologist’s Choice® Dehumidifier

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Audiologist’s Choice® Dehumidifier

Dryers and Dehumidifiers to prevent moisture

A small dryer that you can put your hearing aids into at the end of the day and keep them working without the ill effects of moisture.

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