A great choice for an OTC Hearing Aid – Sony and WSA Audiology help with a Solution

Sony in the ear hearing aid rechargeable

What is the Sony OTC Hearing Aid Ordeal:

Sony and hearing health giant WS Audiology (makers of Widex and Signia hearing aids) teamed up to create two OTC hearing aid products. Sony’s smaller CRE-C10 devices are nearing invisible but do not offer Bluetooth streaming or rechargeable batteries.  CRE-E10 is larger and more visible in the ear but comes with rechargeable batteries that allow 26 hours of continuous use and Bluetooth streaming from iOS devices.  Both are self-fit using the Sony Hearing Control app.  Sony offers directionality, a Speech/Noise management system, and a program to guard against sudden loud impact noises.  According to the Sony website:  “To return the self-fitting OTC hearing aid, please refer to the place of purchase.  For purchases from Sony, returns may be made with 45 days with proof of purchase.”  Sony offers a limited 1-year warranty.

Information on Sony CRE-C10 – OTC Hearing Aid

Hearing Loss, Over the Counter Hearing Aid
Completely in the ear hearing aid, invisible

This model uses a size 10 disposable battery that offers over 70 hours of continuous wear.  It has prescription-level sound quality and can be customized using a hearing assessment via the Sony Hearing Control app.  Customers can also use the app to change the volume and make sound quality adjustments.

Designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.  Maybe the device is for you if you are looking for a small, discreet hearing solution with similar technology found in a basic modern hearing aid including noise reduction, automatic sound adjustments based on your listening environment, and some app-based controls.

Information on Sony CRE-E10 – OTC Hearing Aid

Sony over the counter hearing aid
Fits with little click sleeves to hold in your ear

This model is larger and more visible but comes with rechargeable batteries that allow 26 hours of continuous use and Bluetooth streaming from iOS devices (Apple iPhone).  The aids come with a recharging case and various domes meant to fit every kind of ear.

Designed for people with mild to mild- moderate hearing loss.  The goal is to provide a simple, app-enabled, DIY solution that can allow for a better hearing experience.  The device is ready to use right away by following the set-up instructions.  The simple app connects each device to the user’s smartphone to personalize settings.  The app enables the wearer to “self-fit”.  The models are easily adaptable to provide an authentic, connected sound experience.

We think these are good choices because they can also be sold as a professionally fit hearing aid, although for much more money.

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