Why Not Try Self-Fit OTC Hearing Aids

TruHearing, Over-the-Counter Hearing aids

Self-Fit Hearing Aids are More Affordable and if you follow the directions, safe. 

My patients in Minnesota often share that they are worried about how our little brick-and-mortar clinic is doing now that the legislation and FDA have passed guidelines (including safety) for self-fit, over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. Yes, self-fit OTC hearing aids are now here and in our online store!

I am happy that there are now regulations on these hearing aids that have been sold online but are not really hearing aids, but amplifiers. Anyway, an OTC hearing aid is much more affordable than one fit specifically for you from a licensed professional. OTC hearing aids are easily accessible for the entry-level consumer. It is important for you, the consumer, to know that this product was created to allow those with mild to mild-moderate hearing loss is a way to address that loss more quickly. Some patients have waited a decade or more before seeking help.

OTC Options Today

Let’s make it work for you.  As I write this today, there are at least 5 self-fit OTC hearing aids on the market that are reputable products. We don’t have a favorite one but hope over time you will share with us what you like about the one you tried.

Try one, try two; see if they are helpful. All our products have a two week return and some of the OTC hearing aids have up to a 45 day return. If it doesn’t work, try another. I wish we had demos for you to try but we don’t. The most you will lose is a little shipping and restocking fees. If it works for what you need, it is a win-win.

Please note that OTC hearing aids are designed for you to set up yourself.  If you can’t, we are here to help you.  There are also Audiologists that can help you.  We, as a part of the health community, are excited to see how this new product category will change the landscape of hearing health.

Feel free to take our Online Hearing Handicap Screening Test.  We will use that tool to help you pick out a solution.

Thanks for shopping with us.  We truly appreciate you.  Kim

Sony OTC Hearing Aid E10 rechargeable and bluetooth compatible over the counter hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss

Introducing the Sony Self-Fitting C10 OTC Hearing Aid – where hearing assistance meets a touch of fun and convenience! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of improved hearing, all while enjoying a delightful touch of modern technology.

With the Sony Self-Fitting C10 OTC Hearing Aid, you become the master of your hearing destiny. This do-it-yourself hearing solution brings a playful twist to the world of sound. Equipped with the Sony | Hearing control app, you hold the power to personalize your hearing experience right at your fingertips. Adjust settings, fine-tune sound quality, and explore different modes with a simple tap on your smartphone. It's like having a sound engineer in your pocket! But let's not forget the fun factor! With the sleek and stylish design of the Sony Self-Fitting C10, you'll be the envy of your friends. Its discreet appearance blends seamlessly into your daily life, making it a cool accessory that enhances your hearing without stealing the spotlight. The Sony Self-Fitting C10 OTC Hearing Aid is here to accompany you on your adventures for hearing more sounds. Whether you're enjoying a lively concert, exploring the great outdoors, or simply having a heartfelt conversation with loved ones, this device will help in hearing sounds and speech. So, embrace the fun side of hearing assistance with the Sony Self-Fitting C10. Unleash your inner audiophile, customize your hearing experience, and rediscover the joy of sound. Get ready to embark on a journey we all hope will be filled with laughter, music, and unforgettable moments –  with the Sony Self-Fitting C10 OTC Hearing Aid!
Members Pay: $990

Purchase your Over-the-Counter Hearing aids with us Online - Jabra Hearing Aids are a great one to check out!

This aid is a nice compact 3-in-1 earbud for hearing enhancement, music and calls with Bluetooth technology
Jabra and Resound share that these aids have the following features
  • Hearing enhancement solution with medical-grade technology
  • Situational use with different programs
  • Improves speech clarity in some environments
  • Discreet and comfortable Over-the-Counter Hearing aids that are somewhat affordable and accessible
Starting at
Members Pay: $792
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