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This aid is a nice compact 3-in-1 earbud for hearing enhancement, music and calls with Bluetooth technology
Jabra and Resound share that these aids have the following features
  • Hearing enhancement solution with medical-grade technology
  • Situational use with different programs
  • Improves speech clarity in some environments
  • Discreet and comfortable Over-the-Counter Hearing aids that are somewhat affordable and accessible

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Jabra Enhance Plus OTC Hearing Aids

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Jabra Enhance Plus OTC Hearing Aids – one of the first over-the-counter options on the market!


Hear more from life

The Jabra Enhance Plus OTC Hearing Aids are pioneering hearing-enhancing earbuds that have been specifically engineered with advanced medical-grade technology to help you focus on what you want to listen to, without just turning up the volume.

The innovative design uses 4 dedicated microphones to reduce background noise and improve speech clarity, so whether you’re chatting with your partner in a busy café or catching up with friends over dinner, the sounds that matter will be crystal-clear.

Are you ready to hear clearly again?


Small buds. Big difference.

Hearing enhancement should be both discreet and comfortable. That’s why these use Jabra’s expert knowledge of the human ear and cutting-edge miniaturization techniques to pack all their world-leading medical-grade tech into this super-compact design.

Precision microphones, together with advanced noise reduction algorithms, reduce background noise, while the proprietary microprocessor improves clarity of speech. These compact little buds are also water resistant, so come rain or shine, they work perfectly.

The medical-grade hearing enhancement that fits seamlessly into your life.


Better music. Sharper sound.
With their powerful speakers, these discreet buds don’t just enhance the world around you, their advanced medical-grade technology also helps you hear your music and calls better too.

So whether you’re catching up with a friend on the phone, or relaxing with your favorite playlist, the people and content you love will sound so much clearer.

Better sound. Better hearing.


Hear your way, faster.
When you unbox your new Jabra Enhance™ Plus, you’re moments away from experiencing our advanced hybrid medical-grade technology for yourself, with professional guidance every step of the way.

Setup is easy – simply connect your buds to the free Jabra Enhance™ app and follow the on-screen instructions to personalize and program your earbuds to your specific needs.

Better hearing is literally at your fingertips.

Listening Modes:

Can switch between surround sound, focus, and automatic. This has to do with the directional microphones. 🙂


Tiny, but mighty
Using advanced battery efficiency technology to make sure these little buds can keep up with you for up to 10 hours on a single charge, and up to a total of 30 hours with their compact charging case.

Hear clearly for longer.

Additional information

Weight 42 oz



Dark Grey, Gold Beige


Self Fit

45 Trial Period

45 Day Trial





App to Use


Power Level

Mild, Mild-Moderate


Audio Streaming

Smart Phone Needed

Smart Phone Needed

Power Supply


Style of Hearing Aid


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At hearshearingandhearables.com, we offer over-the-counter hearing aids from trusted brands that are easy to use and available without a prescription. Whether you're experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss or just need a boost in certain environments, our selection of OTC hearing aids has got you covered.

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