“Hears Hearing & Hearables Makes Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Accessible”

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Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues across the globe. But despite its prevalence, very few interventions are made to improve hearing loss outcomes compared to other chronic diseases. 

Aside from poor accessibility to healthcare professionals, the expensive cost of hearing aids prevents people from getting the help they need. Hears Hearing & Hearables aims to change this by making over-the-counter hearing aids readily available for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and connecting them with hearing health professionals across the US.

“We want to help people with hearing loss find affordable and accessible hearing solutions,” says the team behind Hears Hearing & Hearables. “While we are membership based, consumers do not need to be a member to shop with us. We work with you to make your hearing better.”

The company carries a range of self-fit hearing aids from reputable brands such as Sontro, Sony, and Jabra. The products highlight a customizable interface to suit every wearer’s preference and a comfortable and sleek build that is discreet and virtually invisible. Each one is carefully chosen for its performance, durability, and intuitive design, enabling wearers to go through their day with ease and confidence.

Beyond providing consumers with high-quality and affordable hearing aids, Hears Hearing & Hearables emphasizes educating consumers about their hearing health.

The Hears Hearing & Hearables team understands how hearing loss can significantly impact one’s way of life – from relationships to work and educational prospects. So they are passionate about empowering clients with comprehensive solutions and meeting them wherever they are in their health journey. The team is available to answer clients’ questions anytime and guide them in choosing the best option that fits their unique situation.

The company is also proud to be the leader in transparency. Its OTC hearing aids are FDA approved and vetted by audiology professionals. Clients can always count on Hears Hearing & Hearables to be a reliable partner in improving their hearing health outcomes.

Moreover, by becoming a member, they can access a range of perks, including exclusive rewards and discounts from healthcare partners and the ability to sell and buy gently used products. Members also get to be a part of a supportive community dedicated to empowering each other in their hearing wellness.

Hears Hearing & Hearables offers everything from OTC hearing aids and Assistive Listening Devices to consignment hearing aids and accessories, ear care kits, and hearing aid care products.
Find more information about their product offerings here: https://hearshearingandhearables.com/.

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