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The SafeAwake Smoke and Fire Alarm Aid System – An Alert System for Hearing Loss

Alerting system for Hearing Loss

If you or someone you know is Hard of Hearing or Deaf, you need a smoke alerting device you can see and feel!

The SafeAwake system is designed to awaken people who are deaf, or with hearing loss, to emergencies in their homes.

Everyone should be able to sleep safely and comfortably, and not be afraid of sleeping through a fire alarm since most people do not wear their hearing aids to bed at night.

The system works with a properly installed fire alarm system. It is activated by the audible signal of that fire alarm system. Once the SafeAwake senses an alarm, the bed will shake, a loud audible alarm will sound and a flashing light will alert those asleep. The bed shaker was found to be a more reliable way of waking the deaf or those diagnosed with a hearing loss, especially when an intermittent rather than a continuous pattern is used. The audible alarm uses a lower frequency sound than most conventional alarms. Most people with hearing loss who wear hearing aids, have trouble hearing the higher frequencies. The combination of these two innovations, along with the visual flashing alarm, makes this the most effective system on the market.

The system comes with the base unit, power cords for the outlet and for the bed shaker, and three batteries along with a manual. Once you have put the batteries in, put the shaker between the mattress and box spring, plug it into the base unit, and plug the base unit into a wall outlet. Now, it is time to test it. Press the test button on your installed fire alarm for 30 seconds or until the bed shakes, you hear the alarm and see the flashing lights. The manufacturer’s website contains instructions and videos to help you install and troubleshoot the system.

Additionally, the system is small (6”x3”) so it can be mounted on a wall or stay on a nightstand. The receiver will plug into any standard 110-volt outlet. The shaker is placed under the mattress, where you sleep. On occasion, check the position of the bed shaker, as it can move around. It also includes three lithium-ion batteries to provide back-up power in the case of a failure. A battery sensor will tell you when the batteries need to be changed. It has a test button so you can be sure the unit is working properly. The company recommends you check the system and all your installed fire/smoke detectors according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The SafeAwake is made in the USA. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year limited warranty.  At Hears to U, Audiology we want you feel safe in your home.

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