Rechargeable Hearing Aids: How to Troubleshoot Your Hearing Aid Charger

rechargeable hearing aids and their chargers, how to troubleshoot hearing aid chargers

Rechargeable hearing aids have been a fantastic revolution in the hearing technology industry.

Most of these rechargeable hearing aids utilize lithium-ion batteries and once charged, usually last 16 hours or more. They are easy, convenient, and you don’t have to throw away a battery every couple of days! 

As this rechargeable technology has advanced, we are also seeing manufacturers such as Signia, Rexton, Oticon, Phonak, Resound, and Starkey brands come out with portable chargers that charge your hearing aids on the go, without needing to be plugged into a power source, as well as super-fast charging options. One of the options is using the new C cord. 

With all of this convenience, inevitably comes issues. 

1.   There is not a universal charger

The first and maybe most important thing to note is that each hearing aid manufacturer has their own chargers, and for the most part each new line of hearing aids from that manufacturer has its own corresponding charger. 

2.  Your Charger can go bad on a Trip

We sell a lot of chargers to people who are traveling, have a charger on the fritz, or maybe just want a backup. The most important thing to know when ordering a charger is the make and model of your hearing aids. We have received many returns from those who think a charger will work with their style of aid, but once they receive it to realize it is not compatible! Save yourself some time and money by making sure you know what you need

3.    New chargers for newer technology in the same brand

There are so many examples of a hearing aid brand like Phonak putting out a new hearing aid and then changing up the charger. Another brand that does this is Signia and Rexton which also carry now multiple different lines of hearing aids.  The Phonak Hearing Aid Audeo Lumity has different models and two of the models use different chargers.  How confusing is that?  If we get confused, I can only imagine you do too.

How to troubleshoot a Hearing aid charger that doesn’t work

When it comes to having a charger on the fritz there are a couple of things to check before you panic.   

  •   Check the Cord

The most common issue with all these chargers is usually not the actual charger at all, but the cord. If you find yourself with a charger that is not charging, try switching out the cord first. Most chargers use either a USB-C or Micro-USB cord and hopefully you have an extra one lying around your house as they are pretty typical cords for other kinds of devices as well. 

  • Check the Plug

If after all this your charger is still not working, then your charger is probably on the fritz. The good news is that most manufacturers warranty their chargers for 1 to 3 years. So, if yours is fairly new, it’s worth reaching out to where you got your charger from to check the warranty and hopefully have it sent in for repair.

If you are looking for a more convenient option, you can always purchase a new charger or a backup charger from us! We are happy to help you figure out what you need and let you know what options work with your particular hearing aids.

  • What if you travel, hence one more if. 

If you forgot your charger when you travel, we are happy to help you find the charger you need.  Some companies don’t want their products sold online but it doesn’t hurt to call around or call us as we might be able to help you.  

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