Designed specifically for heavy sleepers and those that are hard of hearing!

Make sure you’re not late for work or school with the Wake Assure ™. Designed with a super bright 1.8″ clock display makes it easy to always know the time. The loud buzzer has adjustable volume and tone control to suit your hearing needs and preference with a strong bed shaker (included) to wakens even the deepest of sleepers. Connects to a lamp to use for reading / room illumination or to awaken by it flashing. Security timer allows you to pre-set the connected lamp to turn on at random times while you’re away for added security.

Visual alarm flasher- Snooze button also allows you to turn the connected lamp on or off- Backup battery will keep the time in case of a power outage (9V battery not included).

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Clarity Wake Assure Alarm Clock

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  • Clarity Wake Assure alarm clock that comes packaged with a loud buzzer and strong bed shaker to ensure waking up the deepest sleepers
  • 85db alarm with adjustable volume & tone control
  • Flashes any connected lamp to awaken by light
  • Security timer turns lamp on/off while you are away
  • Strong bed shaker, will wake up even the deepest sleeper
  • Super bright 1.8″ display makes it easy to read, day or night
  • Battery backup for power outages
  • Dimensions: 8” W x 3”D x 4.5” H
  • One (1) year warranty

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Weight 12 oz
Alerting systems



Clarity, ClearSounds

If your hearing loss is severe, make sure you can hear the environmental warning sounds in your environment.

Find an alerting device that works for you and your needs.  We can help.

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