The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock is a unique clock that is guaranteed to wake up even the heaviest sleepers. When the alarm goes off, the user can select to wake up to any combination of loud pulsating audio alarm or flashing lights. Our patented adjustable volume and tone controls allows you to select the best sound combination to wake you up. The clock display also has an adjustable viewing angle with large, bright green LED numbers for easy viewing. It also has a battery back up for power outages. (9 volt battery not included)

Optional plug-ins include baby cry alert systems, phone alerts, doorbell, and more! Endless possibilities for a great alert system.

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Sonic Boom Alarm Clock w/ Bed Shaker Combo

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  • Alarm clock with adjustable volume and tone control that includes bed shaker designed to wake the heaviest of sleepers
  • Built-in receiver to be used as an alerting receiver when used with Sonic Alert transmitters
  • User is woken up to any combination of a loud audio alarm (113dB), flashing lights (by plugging a lamp into it), or shaking bed (bed shaker included)
  • Features a large, bright LCD screen
  • User selectable snooze time 1-30 minutes
  • User selectable alarm duration from 1-59 minutes
  • Battery back-up for power outages
  • Works alone or with other units
  • Five (5) year warranty

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Weight 16 oz
Alerting systems



Sonic Alert

If your hearing loss is severe, make sure you can hear the environmental warning sounds in your environment.

Find an alerting device that works for you and your needs.  We can help.

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