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Serene VA3 Vibrating Portable Alarm Clock

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A Vibrating Portable Alarm Clock for people who need just an added shake rattle and roll to wake up!  You don’t even need to have hearing loss to get a vibrating alarm clock.

The Features include:

• 3 Alarm Modes:  audio, vibrating or both
• Selectable bright flasher alarm modes
• Audio available at 3 different frequencies with adjustable tone & volume (70-80dB)
• Large, bright & easy to read display
• Timer function for added versatility
• Built-in flashlight
• Built-in room temperature display
• Battery operated (3 AA alkaline batteries included)
• One (1) year warranty

Additional information

Weight 24 oz

If your hearing loss is severe, make sure you can hear the environmental warning sounds in your environment.

Find an alerting device that works for you and your needs.  We can help.

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