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Williams Sound Small Room Loop Amplifier System

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The PLA 240 is able to supply living quarters or small conference rooms up to approx. 540 sq. ft. (50 sq.m) with inductive audio signals via the loop connected. The system includes 120 ft. (37 m) induction loop wire. In addition to settings for basic volume and tone, the digitally controlled induction loop amplifier uses Automatic Gain Control to stabilize the volume for fluctuating input levels. The device is able to accommodate the connection of up to 5 audio sources. The desired source can be selected at the touch of a button.

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Weight 24 oz
T Coil

Hearing Loop – T coil

Assisted listening device

Assisted listening device


The PLA 240 Loop System provides a practical solution for hearing aid users to listen more easily to their TV or audio equipment via the “T” or “Loop “ program of their hearing aid. With no direct connection between the user and a TV or Audio equipment the user is able to move freely with the looped area and listen comfortably to a TV or audio equipment without the distractions of normal listening. The Loop System is used in conjunction with a hearing aid with a “T” or “Loop” program found on many ‘behind the ear’ or ‘in the ear’ hearing aids. The loop system picks up the sound from a TV via a direct connection or microphone and feeds it to the amplifier. The sound is then passed to a loop of wire around the listening area, which in turn transmits the sound inductively (magnetic sound waves) to a hearing aid with the loop facility. The user may then adjust the loop volume or tone to suit their own hearing preference without affecting others. The Loop System is supplied with loop wire. The loop wire is placed around the inside perimeter of a room that you want to listen in The sound can be heard anywhere inside the “looped” area and sometimes just outside the loop as well.

Loop Amplifier System Features:

• Magnetic signal couples directly to hearing aids equipped with telecoils (T-coils)

• Headphone output for monitoring audio output

• Can be used with optional loop receivers

• Mic, line and digital inputs

• Automatic gain control

• Volume and tone controls

• Loop status light

• Compact and lightweight


Dimensions: 7” W x 1-5/8” H* x 6” D** (17.8 cm W x 2.86 cm H* x 15.24 cm D**) *

Height without rubber feet. Rubber feet add 1/8” (0.32 cm) **Depth includes front controls and rear jacks

Weight: Shipping weight (boxed with accessories): 4.3 lb ( kg)

Unit (amplifier) weight: 1.6 lb ( kg)

Color: Silver

Power: Unit

Input: 12-24 VDC, 2 A Power Supply Output: 18 V, 1.5 A

Controls: Rotary Volume Control, Rotary Tone Control On/Off Power Switch Source Selector Switches Priority Switch Input

Connections: Digital Audio TOSlink/Coaxial 2 x Microphone inputs. 3.5 mm mono jack plug. DC powered 5 V for Electret Microphones. 2 x Aux In Left/Right Line Inputs. Phono/RCA jacks. For direct connection to a TV sound output or other sound source.

Output Connections: Push grip connectors for loop cable (labelled: “loop cable”). Loop will give full output with loop resistance between 0.5 and 1.5 ohms. Loop output: 3.0 A output current @ 100 Hz – 5 KHz. Meets BS EN60118-4: 2006 for a loop not exceeding 6.5 m (20 ft) in width. Suitable for areas up to 540 sq. ft (50 m2) .

Loop cable: Single turn loop cable. System supplied with 40 m (130 ft) of 24 ga/0.2 mm (0.75 mm2) single core PVC insulated cable. Min cable length 36 ft (11 m) = 0.5 ohms.

Indicators: Blue/Red LEDs Warranty: 2 years

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Using a T-coil loop (also known as an induction loop) with a Bluetooth device can be a helpful solution for individuals with hearing aids or cochlear implants that have a T-coil feature. A T-coil is a small coil of wire that is built into some hearing devices and is used to pick up electromagnetic signals, such as those generated by an induction loop system. An induction loop system, often referred to as a hearing loop, transmits sound directly to the T-coil-equipped hearing device, improving audio clarity in certain environments. To use a T-coil loop with a Bluetooth device, you'll generally follow these steps: 1. Check for T-Coil Compatibility: First, ensure that your hearing aid or cochlear implant has a T-coil feature and is activated. This might involve consulting your device's user manual or contacting your audiologist. 2. Bluetooth Transmitter: You'll need a Bluetooth transmitter that is compatible with hearing loop systems. This device will take the Bluetooth signal from your source device (like a smartphone, TV, or computer) and convert it into an electromagnetic signal that can be picked up by your hearing aid's T-coil. 3. Connect Bluetooth Transmitter: Follow the instructions provided with the Bluetooth transmitter to pair it with your source device. This often involves putting the transmitter into pairing mode, searching for it on your source device's Bluetooth settings, and completing the pairing process. 4. Set Up the T-Coil Loop: The T-coil loop is typically installed in specific locations, such as a room, a theater, a church, or a public transportation station. Look for signs indicating the presence of a hearing loop system. The loop might be installed around the perimeter of the room or in a specific area, such as near a ticket counter. 5. Activate the T-Coil: Once you're in the area with the T-coil loop, switch your hearing aid or cochlear implant to the T-coil mode. This might involve changing a setting on your device or pressing a specific button, depending on your model. 6. Enjoy Improved Sound: With your hearing aid or cochlear implant in T-coil mode and the Bluetooth transmitter connected to your source device, you should now be able to hear the audio directly through your hearing device. The T-coil picks up the electromagnetic signal from the induction loop and converts it into a sound that is clearer and more focused than ambient noise.  
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Hearing loops and induction coils are not new. They work well and can help you hear in a personal loop where you can create your own or in a venue. Get in the Loop!

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