This counter-loop system makes it easy for those with t-coil enabled hearing aids users to hear once they enter the looped area.

Plug in the loop pad and put it under the desired listening area, like a customer service window. Hook the PLA 240 to the included microphone. Once a user enters the loop area, the sound signal is sent to their t-coil, then turning their hearing aid into a personal loudspeaker!

This loop system is great for those with a cochlear implant or T-Coil in their hearing aids.

The mat works in conjunction with a loop amplifier that broadcasts an audio signal from a microphone and/or alternative sound source.

Create an inclusive space for everyone with this assistive listening technology.

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Counter Loop System with Microphone and Power Loop Mat

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Counter loop system includes (1) PLA 240 amplifier, (1) PLM 001 power loop mat, (1) MIC 027 microphone, (1) STD 005 tabletop microphone stand.

Power Loop Mat:

14” Nylon Fabric Mat, containing a ten-turn loop. Can be installed under any non-metal counter, and when used with the PLA 240, produces about a 36” x 36” magnetic field for t-coil-equipped hearing aid users.

Applications include:

Kiosks, Pharmacies, Bank Teller Windows, Ticket Windows, or any application where close-range hearing assistance (via hearing aid t-coil) is desired. This sytem can also be used as a portable system for meetings as a chair loop or other creative applications.

Small Room Amplifier:

  • The PLA 240 is able to supply living quarters or small conference rooms up to approx. 540 sq. ft. (50 sq.m) with inductive audio signals via the loop connected. System includes 120 ft. (37 m) induction loop wire. In addition to settings for basic volume and tone, the digitally controlled induction loop amplifier uses Automatic Gain Control to stabilize the volume for fluctuating input levels. It is able to accommodate the connection of up to 5 audio sources. The desired source can be selected at the touch of a button.

    The small room loop system readily accommodates individuals with hearing difficulties. The amplifier transmits this audio directly and clearly to a listener’s hearing aid equipped with a T-coil. The listener’s hearing aid can receive the audio when they are within the perimeter of the loop wire.

    In the Box


  • PLA 240 Amplifier
  • Power supply with line cord
  • Mic with 1.2 m. cord
  • 122 ft. (37 m) of 18 ga standard wire (0.75 mm²) and cable clips
  • RCA Audio Input Cable

Additional information

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 2 in
Hearing loops and induction coils are not new. They work well and can help you hear in a personal loop where you can create your own or in a venue. Get in the Loop!
Easy to install Counter Hearing Loops. Get into the loop and get your T coil activated!

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