Serene’s wearable notification system is designed to offer tactile notification from any of Serene’s Central Alert transmitters. The wearable receiver features braille buttons, strong vibrations, loud audio tones, and bright flashing lights.  The bundled 380 package includes the wearable receiver, a strong bed shaker, a doorbell signaler and ringer/flasher for either a home or cell phone.  The wearable receiver can also be paired with any other transmitter in Serene’s Central Alert system.

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Serene Central Alert Wearable Notification System

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  • Wearable notification system designed to alert user of doorbell and every type of phone call imaginable (landline, cellphone, Skype or Facetime calls, and text messages)
  • Alerts via a wearable vibrating pager that features audible alerts, blinking icons, and braille buttons
  • Kit comprised of the Central Alert personal receiver, cell phone/landline sensor, wireless doorbell, and bed shaker. NOTE: bed shaker connects to the cell phone/landline sensor.
  • Lightweight, portable and wearable design with operating range of 200 feet
  • Generates different auditory, visual and/or vibrotactile alerts for doorbell versus telephone
  • One year warranty
  • 150 foot operating range
  • Rechargeable batteries for the wearable receiver, with an included AC adapter for charging
  • Pager style notification

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If your hearing loss is severe, make sure you can hear the environmental warning sounds in your environment.

Find an alerting device that works for you and your needs.  We can help.

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