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Serene Bed Shaker For Central Alert System

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The Serene Bed Shaker is for use with the Serene CA-360 and CA-RX CentralAlert models as well as the RF-105 RingMaster

The Bed Shaker wakes up the user with a strong vibration when the CentralAlert system is triggered by any of its connected sensors.

  • Plugs into the CA-360, CA-RX, CA-CX, CA-PX and RF-200.
  • Easy to use; just put it under your pillow or between the mattresses

*This is an accessory that must be paired with a CentralAlert system in order to work.

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Weight 20 oz


Alerting systems


If your hearing loss is severe, make sure you can hear the environmental warning sounds in your environment.

Find an alerting device that works for you and your needs.  We can help.

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