We offer a number of services to account for your whole being

Assessing what you need isn't just about giving you a product but finding a solution. Before we can find a solution, we need to assess where you are at. We like to offer telehealth appointments for our initial consult.

Hearing Assessment

Your first appointment with us includes an intake of your hearing health history.

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Tinnitus & Relaxation Therapy

Tinnitus, often known as “ringing in the ear”, is a common problem.

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Aural Rehabilitation

Aural (re)habilitation is training to help people make sense of the auditory world around them.

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Hearing Loss Prevention

This is like sunblock for your ears. If you are in noise louder than 85 dB for long periods of time you will want to consider your hearing.

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Free Hearing Handicap Assessment
New! Self-Fit OTC hearing Aids.