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Zephyr Dry & Store Dry-BRIK II (3 PACK)

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Additional information

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The Zephyr Dry Brik is a desiccant designed for use with the Dry & Store Global II and Zephyr models

  • Designed to permanently remove moisture during warming cycle
  • Drives relative humidity inside Dry & Store units to a lower level than what can be achieved with heated air alone, resulting in maximum drying capabilities
  • Three pack with each Dry-Brik lasting 2 months
  • For instructions for use, see Product Docs section below and click user manual
  • Sold by the each or order 42 units for a conveniently prepackaged case quantity

Product of the day

Zephyr Dry-Brik ll

As you know, moisture can build up in the tubing of the aid, affecting the frequency response of the aid. It can also corrode components and battery contact points. A little moisture may not matter very much, but prolonged exposure can damage the aid.

This product is meant to be used with the Dry & Store Global ll and Zephyr models, and will permanently remove moisture. Often sold in a 3-pack, with each Dry-Brik lasting 2 months.

Effective Hearing Aid Dehumidifiers

Protect Your Hearing Aids from Moisture Damage

Moisture is a common issue that can significantly affect the performance and longevity of your hearing aids. Our top-quality hearing aid dehumidifiers and dryers are designed to effectively remove moisture, ensuring your hearing aids remain in optimal working condition.

Reliable Dryers and Dehumidifiers

We offer a range of dryers and dehumidifiers that are easy to use and highly effective. Simply place your hearing aids in the dryer at the end of the day, and they will be ready to use again by morning, free from the harmful effects of moisture.

Find the Perfect Dehumidifier for Your Needs

Our selection includes various options to suit different needs and budgets:
  • Affordable Options: Priced between $1 and $50, these small, portable dryers are perfect for everyday use and travel, ensuring your hearing aids are always protected.
  • Mid-Range Solutions: Ranging from $51 to $100, these dehumidifiers offer additional features like UV light for sanitization, providing comprehensive care for your hearing aids.
  • Premium Choices: For those looking for advanced features and maximum efficiency, our premium dehumidifiers, priced between $101 and $300, offer the best protection with features like electronic drying and built-in battery testers.

Key Features to Look For

When selecting a hearing aid dehumidifier, consider the following features to ensure you choose the best option for your needs:
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight designs are ideal for travel and daily use.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly operation makes it simple to keep your hearing aids dry.
  • Advanced Features: Look for models with UV light for added sanitization or electronic drying for faster results.

Expert Assistance Available

If you need help choosing the right dehumidifier for your hearing aids, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you. Contact us for personalized recommendations and advice on maintaining your hearing aids effectively.

Learn More About Hearing Aid Care

Visit our blog for expert tips and advice on caring for your hearing aids. Discover how dehumidifiers can make a significant difference in the performance and lifespan of your hearing aids, ensuring you enjoy clear sound and reliable operation every day.

Cleaning Tools Specific for Hearing Aids

We carry different size brushes and hooks for your hearing aid.
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