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Clarity AlertMaster Visual Alert System

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A visual alerting system designed to monitor activity in one’s home and provide visual notification of that activity

If you worry about someone coming into your home this may be the product for you.  This is good for people who have hearing loss and need a different sensory modality, vision.

• Flashing visual alert indicators indicate incoming phone calls, alarm clock, doorbell, smoke detector, motion sensor or ambient sounds
• Accessories allow one to customize & expand the system to monitor according to their specific needs
• Built-in lamp flasher flashes a connected lamp
• Large 3.5” clock display
• Includes wireless doorbell and bed shaker
• Distinct flashing patterns & large, backlit icons on AL10 help one distinguish between events
• Simple set-up – no hard wiring required, just plug unit in
• 80 ft. range for remote receivers and accessories
• One year warranty

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