Used Widex Hearing aids:  The Unique

This listing is for a pair of Widex Unique Fusion 440 hearing aids with size 1S receivers and a Com Dex accessory for streaming. These hearing aids are in great working condition and are programmed for a mild-moderate hearing loss. They use 312 batteries and are being sold AS IS.

The pair no longer has any warranties, but these are a well-loved brand with reliable technology. Many of our in-clinic patients love the Widex Sound.

Along with the hearing aids comes a Com Dex which equips the hearing aids with hands-free streaming. Stream calls and media directly to your hearing aids with the easy to use Com Dex app. This is a great add on to these aids!

Although these hearing aids are programmed for a mild-moderate hearing loss we always recommend having any hearing aids fit by a hearing healthcare professional for your specific hearing loss.

This is a great, affordable option!

Included in this listing:

  • Pair of Widex Unique Fusion 440 Hearing Aids with size 1S receivers
  • Widex carrying case
  • Assortment of 312 batteries
  • Widex Com Dex Accessory


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Used Widex Unique Fusion 440 Hearing Aids

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Used hearing aids can be sold to you to help you with what you need. We recommend that you see a licensed hearing care professional before you begin to wear this hearing aid. This used hearing aid was programmed as if you had a mild hearing loss. The product description was clear about the warranties and the no-return policy. Please check this box once you have read this disclosure.

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USED Widex Unique Fusion Hearing Aids

The FUSION model offers maximum adaptability, with three distinct receivers and a range of ear-tip and custom earmold options to accommodate various types of hearing loss. It also includes a program button for adjusting volume and selecting programs.

Why Opt for the UNIQUE Sound?

UNIQUE™ delivers a natural and comfortable listening experience without manual adjustments. It automatically detects your sound environment and enhances important voices as needed. It employs nine sound classes to smoothly adapt and provide optimal sound in any situation.  The sound quality is comparable to other updated current Widex Hearing aids.

Widex Com-Dex: An Ideal Complement to Used Widex Unique Hearing Aids

The COM-DEX is a hands-free communication device with a stylish design. You can link COM-DEX to two phones, allowing you to receive calls through it from both your work and personal phones. This flexibility lets you choose which phone to use for conversations and which one for music, based on your preferences.

Key Benefits of Com-Dex Bluetooth piece:

1. Stream high-quality audio from any Bluetooth device to your Widex hearing aid.
2. Improve clarity of communication in noisy environments or over distances.
3. Discreetly control your hearing aid and microphone via a free app.
4. Enjoy up to 8 hours of streaming time.

Effective Communication Anywhere


Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Battery Size





Pearl White

Receiver Behind the Ear

receiver in the ear

Style of Hearing Aid



Audio Streaming

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If you are a member you can sell your gently used hearing aids and hearing aid accessories with us. Reach out and let us know what it is you’d like to sell and we will get it posted on our website! If you are not a member but would like to sell, become a member here. *Note*: All consignment products are NON-REFUNDABLE. Because these are used products being sold on behalf of a contract they are not able to be returned and are sold AS IS. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact us and we can resell the product you purchased under our consignment guidelines
At Hears to U, Hearing & Hearables, our online consignment store offers products that have been thoroughly checked and tested. All items are cleaned, sterilized, and programmed to accommodate mild to moderate hearing loss. While the consignment products are non-refundable, we offer a service to sell them again on your behalf. Used products not only benefit the environment but also provide an affordable option for those in need. We have added an online store to support people across the United States who may not have access to a nearby clinic. Our mission is to provide accessible and affordable products, particularly in the case of hearing aids, which can be expensive. Clients have the option to turn in their used hearing aids or sell them for store credit. We are available to answer any questions through our contact form and recommend professional adjustments of purchased products. If you are in Minnesota, we are happy to assist you, or we can help you find a reliable professional in your area. Hears to U, Hearing & Hearables (HHH) offers the opportunity to buy and sell used hearing aids and hearables through their consignment store. The clinic thoroughly cleans and tests all used products before selling them. When selling a product, HHH charges a minimum of $125 for items under $1000. For products priced between $1000 and $3000, the charge is 25% of the sale price. For products over $3000, the charge is 15% of the sale price. Shipping, handling, and services are not included in the price of the consignment hearing aid or hearable product.

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