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Sennheiser ConC 400 Conversational Hearable

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ConC 400 for conversation hearing

  • Enjoy clearer conversations
  • Hear what you want to hear
  • Easy set-up & operation with companion app

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Weight 12 oz
App to Use

App to Use

Assisted listening device

Assisted listening device







Power Supply


Smart Phone Needed

Smart Phone Needed


Audio Streaming


In scenarios with constant din such as restaurants and public transportation, the Sennheiser ConC 400 is designed to block distractions while enhancing speech amidst heavy background noise. Specialty beam-forming microphone arrays on each earbud are used to analyze the environment’s noise level while automatically optimizing speech intelligibility of the person talking to the ConC 400 wearer. Bluetooth connectivity with multipoint lets wearers focus on the most important conversations, seamlessly switching between in-person chats and smartphone calls or streaming media. It also features Active Noise Cancellation with an Ambient Awareness mode for staying in touch with the world around you. With nine hours of use per charge and a carrying case that stores another 27 hours of usage time, it’s a great companion for all social situations.

Sennheiser ConC 400 Hearable Informational Video

Enjoy Clearer Conversations

– Advanced speech enhancement technology ensures conversation clarity
– Powerful speech enhancement for optimized hearing in challenging environments

Hear What You Want to Hear

– Control your environment
– Block out unwanted noise with ANC or amplify surroundings with Ambient Awareness

Easy Set-up and Orientation with the Accompanying App

– Effortless setup with step-by-step guidance, easy control, and personalization to your individual hearing.

The powerful Automatic Scene Detector constantly analyzes the surroundings and adjusts the noise canceler, the directional microphone (beamformer) technology and the volume, while ANC blocks out the distracting noise. This ensures conversation clarity even in challenging, crowded environments such as busy restaurants. Automatically.

Sennheiser ConC 400 Contains:

Pair of earbuds
Ear adapters (size S/M/L)
Ear fins (size S/M/L)
Charging case & USB-C cable
Quick guide, safety guide and compliance sheet

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This is a fun new product coming on the market to help you hear.

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