What is a Hearable?


A Hearable is wearable hearing help and we are so excited about the potential of what they can offer people!

We are glad you asked because sometimes we wonder that ourselves.  Just kidding.  We know what a hearable is and it can have so many features it would be hard to define in one sentence.   Let us try.

A Hearable is a device that is made to essentially help you hear.

Where? Well, hearables are made for different environments and situations.  There are hearables that will help you hear when you are working out.  Those are the most basic though because they are also essentially streamers for your music.  A hearable can help you hear on a conference or Zoom call.  Or on a phone call in general.

The hearables that interest us are the devices that help you hear in a room, in noise, listening to TV, a lecture, and even in quiet!  If you are not ready for a hearing aid, why not get a hearable?

Stay tuned as there will be more hearables coming to the marketplace soon.


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