The Rexton Hearing Aid Charging Station R is a stationary charger that is very stable and easy to use, with a robust design and construction.

This Lithium-Ion charger is super easy to use.  Just drop your Rexton Lithium-ion Hearing Aids into the charger.  Wait for the light to make sure it made the connection and you are good to go to sleep.

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Rexton Hearing Aid Charging Station R- Lithium Ion

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About the Lithium-ion Hearing Aid Charger:

  • Charges in 4 hours
  • 30-minute fast charging
  • Easy insertion/removal of aids
  • Automatic on/off
  • Fixed charging cable
  • Built-in magnet holds hearing aids in place

Compatible with BiCore R-Li & R-Li T Hearing Aids by Rexton

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