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Rexton Hearing aids

Embrace Clearer Hearing with Affordable Rexton Aids and Accessories

About Rexton Hearing Company

Rexton has been a part of the hearing aid industry for several decades. The exact founding date of Rexton as a hearing aid company may vary, but it is known to have a long history in the field of audiology. Rexton has been recognized as a brand that offers many hearing solutions. Including affordable hearing aids designed to address various levels of hearing loss.

Rexton was it’s own company and had their own product for many years.  However, now it is a brand of hearing aids that is part of the WS Audiology group. WS Audiology is a global hearing aid company formed as a result of a merger between Sivantos Group and Widex in 2019. The merger created one of the world’s largest hearing aid companies.

Sivantos Group, the previous owner of the Rexton brand, was and is a prominent player in the hearing care industry before the merger.

Rexton has a diverse portfolio of products

Rexton hearing aids are designed to address various levels of hearing loss. They also offer a range of features to improve the listening experience for users. These features may include advanced noise reduction, directional microphones, and connectivity options for seamless integration with other devices.

The hearing aid market is dynamic and competitive, with companies continually working to improve technology and address the diverse needs of individuals with hearing impairment. The plight of Rexton and other hearing aid companies often involves navigating regulatory challenges, staying abreast of technological advancements, and meeting the evolving demands of consumers.

Rexton offers a diverse range of hearing aids suitable for various degrees of hearing loss, from mild to profound loss. Styles include power behind-the-ear devices to discreet invisible-in-the-canal options. The sophisticated technology integrated into Rexton hearing aids mirrors the features available in Signia, as mentioned above, making it a compelling choice.

Rexton hearing aid accessories further enhance the user experience and hearing abilities, offering TV streamers, remote controls, and remote microphones. At Hears Hearing & Hearables, we proudly carry Rexton hearing aids and accessories. Standing by the brand as an excellent and affordable choice.

Current products are the BiCore technology.  Before that was the MCore.  Rexton has TV transmitter 2.4 now and their Smart mic is a keeper.

Affordable and Accessible; at least at Costco and Hears to U, Hearing & Hearables

Hears to U Audiology proudly offers Rexton hearing aids, a trusted brand also available at Costco, although not necessarily the same product. Recognized as one of the first hearing aids offered by Costco, Rexton provides a great solution for individuals seeking quality hearing assistance at a reasonable price.

Rexton has Signia Hearing Aid Technology

As an audiologist, I acknowledge that the specific technology and features provided to Costco customers may vary. Rexton hearing aids are essentially Signia hearing aids but offered at a lower price, maintains its reputation for affordability. While hearing aids in general are expensive, Rexton offers a less expensive option; it typically offers a cost-effective choice for those in need of hearing aids.

Rexton hearing aids, though not always featuring the latest Signia technology immediately, usually incorporate advancements within approximately six months. The recent redevelopment of Rexton introduces a shared app with Signia, distinguished by its unique yellow and black branding.

Rexton Hearing Aids in Minnesota

At Hears to U Audiology, we have successfully fitted numerous Rexton hearing aids, catering to customers seeking comfort and affordability. If you are looking for a Rexton hearing aid in Minnesota, we provide comprehensive service, ensuring your hearing needs are met with care and expertise.

It’s worth noting that not all audiologists dispense Rexton, possibly limiting accessibility to this excellent and cost-effective solution for hearing impairment. Increased adoption by audiologists could potentially divert individuals from seeking hearing aids solely at Costco.

Shop Rexton hearing aids and accessories with us

We will assist you in finding providers beyond Costco who specialize in fitting Rexton hearing aids near you.  Hears to U Hearing & Hearables knows Rexton.


Personal sound Amplifier

Trihear Convo Remote Microphone

The Trihear Convo Remote Microphone is a great microphone piece at a great price. We tested it out in our clinic and loved it. The microphone can be worn by the speaker or set on a table to pick up conversation. The receiver is clipped onto the listener so that audio is streamed directly into their ears. We think this piece is perfect for those who need something easy to use. Comparable to another favorite product, the Williams Sound Pocket Talker, but with the benefit of the microphone being moveable.
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Trihear Convo Remote Microphone
Rexton BiCore CROS

Rexton BiCore CROS

Have hearing in only one ear? A CROS / BiCROS solution might be the right fit for you. Read more about how these systems work!
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Rexton BiCore CROS
Rexton Bicore Custom LI Hearing Aids in Black

Rexton BiCore Custom Li Hearing Aids

Our patients in the clinic love the Rexton In-the-Ear hearing aid that charges and streams.

The Rexton BiCore Custom Li Hearing Aids are rechargeable and can last up to 20 hours on a single charge They are custom fit to the wearer's ear thus offering all-day comfort. Rexton hearing aids are also equipped with Rexton's BiCore RX technology which delivers "a smooth all around listening experience".  
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Rexton BiCore Custom Li Hearing Aids
Rexton Hearing aids wax traps

Rexton Wax Guards for BiCore Hearing Aids

These packs of Wax Guards come with 8 sticks and are compatible across different brands.

Wax guards help keep your hearing aids clean, moisture-free, and working well.

  • Make sure you are changing yours when they are filled with wax to keep hearing well!
If you have any questions about what wax guards you need, you can always email us what hearing aid you wear and we will help!
Members Pay: $10
Rexton Wax Guards for BiCore Hearing Aids
rexton bicore rugged bte hearing aids costco hearing aids affordable hearing

Rexton BiCore Rugged BTE (Behind-the-Ear) Hearing Aids

Rexton Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids BiCore Technology

Comes in Seven different styles and Three different levels of technology.

This product is about the BTE style for easy of cleaning, and lower maintenance hearing aid. Many of our patients in Minnesota really love the sound of Rexton BiCore Technology.  There is a lot of technology in this product.  The product is quality too. Ask us if we can get a demo for you.  We always recommend you try a few different products before you choose one.  Although this one you can't loose as it is relatively affordable and does help you hear sounds better.
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Rexton BiCore Rugged BTE (Behind-the-Ear) Hearing Aids
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