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Power One Rechargable

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Brand: Power-One

• Power One Accu plus Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries
• Size P312, P13
• 1.2V 22mAh,
• Made in Germany
• Requires Power-One brand Accu charger see item number 52075
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited mAh capacity of NiMH rechargeable button cells, this rechargeable battery may not be suitable for high-power demanding hearing aids. As a rule of thumb, if a hearing aid can supply current for more than 10 days without zinc air battery needing to be changed, it is worth considering rechargeable batteries as an alternative.

Call if you have any questions or fill out a contact page.

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Weight 16 oz
Battery Size

13, 312


Power One

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